Steve Brown (Chair), Roger Ellis, Mark Franklin, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner, Jan Mokrzycki, John Fletcher,


Gary Stubbs, Moz Baker, Andy Turbitt,


The minutes of the meeting on 19 May 2014 were approved as a correct record.


John reported that the online shop was “ready to go.”

Trust Discount Card

No progress - agreed to defer action on this for the time being.

Lobby of Parliament

The Board noted that John is still liaising with MPs over a date.


Rachael reported membership funds at £2935.49 and the fighting fund at £2108.41.

Twitter, Facebook, Membership

Agreed that CJ would speak to Gary about these issues.


Jan reported on the progress being made. It was agreed that publicity needs to be stepped-up. Jan & Moz will lead this, involving John in relation to the website.


Jan has still to draft and circulate an “Affiliate of the Month” piece.

Open Meetings

It was agreed that the next open meeting will be the AGM, to be held on 21 July at 7.30pm with a short Board meeting the same day at 6.30pm. The next “ordinary” open meeting will be on 1 September 2014.


The Board agreed the proposed arrangements for the AGM.


Roger reported that the Trust is now a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.


John reported on the good number of responses received. The closing date for replies is 26 June. John will send out a reminder to Members.

Judicial Review

The Board discussed the latest position with the judgement pending.

Why Not?

The Board agreed to support the latest proposed “Why Not?” questions, for immediate action by Jan.

Godiva Festival

It was agreed to seek involvement by the Coventry City Ladies team and the Supporters Team.

FSF march “Affordable football for all!” - 14th August 2014

It was agreed that John would publicise this to members

Clive Efford MP

It was agreed that CJ would liaise with other Trusts regarding the proposed meeting.

Joy Seppala

It was agreed to ask for a meeting with Joy Seppala, who has previously refused to meet the Trust. Jan to let Roger have her email address.

Next Meeting - Monday 21 July 2014 @ 6pm

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