Steve Brown (Chair), Moz Baker, Lionel Bird, Roger Ellis, Andy Turbitt, John Fletcher, Jan Mokrzycki, Mark Franklin
Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner, Gary Stubbs
The minutes of the meeting on 17 March 2014 were approved as a correct record.
It was agreed that Moz will liaise with Kev K over items for sale at the Earlsdon Festival. The Board agreed an initial merchandising budget of £250. Moz and John to work together on planning the use of that.
Trust Discount Card
Jan to progress this.
Young Supporters
Moz will write a report on the success of the Peterborough event. John will use that to draft a promotional piece for the website.
Lobby of Parliament
John outlined arrangements made with Jim Cunningham MP, it is hoped to coincide with the second reading of Damien Collins’ Bill on 6 June 2014 
It was agreed to plan a Summer March, on either Saturday 21 or 28 June. Moz, Jan and Kev will lead the arrangements.
Jan will draft and circulate an “Affiliate of the Month” piece.
FOIs and Questions
Roger outlined the latest position and the next steps were discussed and agreed.
Steve and Jan to attend.
Open Meetings
Jan to arrange next meeting with either Former Players or a film show.  Date to be moved to 12 May to avoid Bank Holiday - John to announce that on website.
Roger reported on steps needing to be taken on the Trust Constitution. Roger will send a note to Board members outlining the process.
Agreed to conduct a survey of Supporters. Roger to let John have previous draft.
Jim Cunningham MP
Agreed that John will arrange a meeting for Board and Jim C.
Supporters’ Team
Agreed to arrange and subsidise a coach to the forthcoming final
Supporters Direct
Agreed to support John as proposed SD Board member.
Reported membership funds at £2917.97 and the fighting fund at £1896.41.
Next Meeting
Monday 19 May 2014 @ 7.30pm

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