Andy Turbitt (AT) Rachel Brown (RB) John Fletcher (JF) Lionel Bird (LB) Jan Mokrzycki (JM) Steve Brown (SB) CJ Joiner (CJ) Mark Franklin (MF) Moz Baker (MB) 


Roger Ellis (RE) Gary Stubbs (GS)


The minutes of the meeting on 17 February 2014 were approved as a correct record.

Matters Arising

Merchandising Plan

Plan still in progress

Holdings shareholders meeting
Action Cleared

Trust discount card

JM confirmed discussions still ongoing.

Young Supporters

MB reported a slow take up at present for “kids go free” trip to Peterborough game on April 12th. It was however relatively early days with a number of away games before this one so interest may pick up shortly. Further letter to members and promotion via social media to be prepared (MB)

Membership Matters

Action cleared


RE had issued latest round of FOI requests on 4/3/14. He had circulated details ahead of meeting of the councils to whom the request had been made and the 4 councils who had responded confirming no discussions had taken place.

Stadium Consultation

RE had notified Sandra Garlick of the “Yes” vote in member consultation and requested a Trust representative on her “New Stadium” committee. This request had been declined. Ahead of the Board meeting a small group of Board members had met with her making a positive contribution to her plans despite the reservations held about the new stadium.

Trust Board

RE had sought a volunteer to step down from the board at AGM in July. GS had agreed to step down and does not intend to seek re- election.

Cardiff, Hull, Coventry and Leeds

JF had produced a detailed paper circulated ahead of the meeting aimed at a joint lobby of parliament of various supporters trusts who’s clubs were going through similar turmoil. Full support of board to continue this process. JF to take forward with relevant MP’s.

Contingency Planning

The Board discussed at length the ongoing situation at the club and reiterated its key aims were to initially get the team playing in Coventry and thereafter to secure supporter involvement in the ownership and management of the club.

Football Supporters Federation

RB confirmed that she had issued docs to RE.

Future Open Meetings

SB and RB confirmed the success of the last open meeting which had been well received by those attending. It was agreed to adopt a similar format for next meeting on April 7th

Historical Commemorations
LB reported that the wording of the plaque to commemorate the first goal scorers at Highfield Road had been agreed and was now looking at cost. This should be in place for launch by September.


RB reported Membership Funds were currently £2869.91 and Fighting Fund £2613.41. She also advised that 10 members had joined that day.

Date of Next Meeting 14/4/14

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