Present: John Fletcher (chair) Moz BakerJan MokrzyckiRachael BrownLionel BirdAndy TurbittRoger Ellis, Steve Brown,

Apologies: CJ JoinerGary Stubbs, Mark Franklin.


The minutes of the meeting on 20 January 2014 were approved as a correct record.

Matters arising

Credit Union
Rachael reported on discussions with two local credit unions. It was agreed to take no action for the time being.

Merchandising plan
Rachael agreed to discuss with CJ a simple form of plan.

Roger confirmed it had been updated.

Holdings shareholders meeting
Lionel will email Roger a note of the questions unanswered by Tim Fisher as well as a note of the meeting.

Trust discount card
Jan confirmed that discussions were continuing.

Young supporters
The Board confirmed the proposal to pay for tickets and coach travel to the Peterborough match for young supporters, two per accompanying adult on a first come, first served basis. Moz will organise this.

Rachael reported membership funds at £2849.07 and the fighting fund at £2863.41

Membership matters
Roger agreed to clarify the respective responsibilities of Gary and Kev.

It was agreed that Roger would repeat the FOI requests every three months.

It was agreed that John would circulate his concerns about Mark’s draft.

Stadium Consultation
It was agreed that Roger would write to Sandra Garlick informing her of the “Yes” vote in the member consultation and requesting a Trust representative on the Committee.

Trust Board
Roger agreed to clarify constitutional issues with SD.

Roger reminded the Board that the Trust’s rule 63 says “half of the members of the Society Board elected by the members who have served the longest at the date of the annual general meeting each year will resign” and, if they wish to continue on the Board, stand for re-election.

There are 8 elected Board members.  Of those, the longest serving are Rachael and John. The other six have served equal terms.  It was agreed to seek volunteers for the other two who wish to step down. Lionel volunteered.  Roger will email the other five asking them to indicate whether they wish to volunteer.

Cardiff, Hull and Coventry (+ Leeds?)
John agreed to discuss campaigning opportunities with Kevin Rye.

Contingency Planning
Andy reported on progress with preparation of the timeline. It was agreed that:

Andy would continue to work on the practical aspects

John would discuss the legal processes with SD.

Jan would discuss with the Pompey Trust the process they followed.

John and Jan would pursue other discussions with potentially interested parties.

Football Supporters Federation
Rachael agreed to pursue corporate membership for the Trust.

Roger agreed to put on the next Board agenda an item about the Supporters’ Summit 2014.

Agreed to take no action but reconsider the issue later in the year.

Campaign ideas
Andy outlined a number of campaign/event ideas. It was agreed:

To organise a “picnic on the Hill” to coincide with the last “home” match of the season, to give fans a chance to thank the players as they arrive at Sixfields. Jan & Moz to arrange

To organise another City Centre march, a year on from the July 2013 event. Jan, Moz & Rachael to arrange.

To change the format of open meetings so that alternate meetings will be respectively  “meet for a pint and a chat” opportunities and themed discussions with guest speakers.  It was agreed that the March meeting will be the first “pint and chat” event. For the April meeting, we will seek a former player or Steve Waggott. Jan to organise and publicise.

To Publicise the CC Ladies match on 16 March as a further “WHY?” event - Moz & Lionel

Historical commemorations

Lionel, Moz & Jan will work together on ideas for ways of marking Lionel’s tracing of the descendants of the first goal scorers at Highfield Road and the replacement of the plaque at the site of Highfield Road.

Next meeting: Monday 17 March 2014

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