20 January 2014


Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Moz Baker, Jan Mokrzycki,
Andy Turbitt, Mark Franklin.

Also David Johnson


John Fletcher, Rachael Brown, Lionel Bird, CJ Joiner, Gary Stubbs


The minutes of the meeting on 16 December 2013 were approved as a correct record.

Matters arising

Strategy - John circulated a revised draft to Mark, Jan and Roger for comment just before the meeting.  Mark, Jan and Roger will agree a joint response.

Holdings Shareholders’ meeting - John was to drafting a note for the website. Has that been done?

Credit Union - Rachael is investigating options.

Merchandising - John is preparing a discussion draft.

Asset of Community Value - agreed to discuss at next Board meeting.

Website - Roger will check that the updating has all been done.


Rachael reported that the Members’ Fund stands at £2847.27 and the Fighting Fund at £3011.41.


Steve and Jan reported back on the recent meeting.


It was agreed that no further action is needed.

Contingency Planning

It was agreed that Andy would proceed to prepare a timeline and that Roger would seek advice from SD.

Stadium Consultation group

Steve, Jan and Roger reported on a conversation with the Chair of this new group. At this she said she would confirm whether she wants the Trust to be involved. Terms of Reference would be agreed at its first meeting, in February.  If she does confirm that she would welcome Trust participation, it was agreed first to consult Trust members as to whether they support that, strictly on the basis that this should not be taken to imply Trust support for a new stadium.


The Board considered Roger’s paper on this.  It was agreed that:

1.    A membership fee of £0 be charged for the year 2014/15.
2.    The possibility of a Trust discount card scheme be explored by Jan.
3.    The Trust AGM be held on 7 July 2014
4.    A paper on which Board members should be asked to stand for re-election be prepared by Roger for the February Board meeting.
5.    The three co-opted members - Mark, Andy and Roger - should continue in office until the first Board meeting after the AGM.


The Board discussed the future role of KCIC with David Johnson. It was agreed that it is important for the Trust to maintain an impartial stance but that matters such as formal correspondence with the Football Authorities, Government and Parliament should be carried out by the Trust. It was agreed to invite David to attend future Board meetings as an observer, to improve liaison between the Trust and KCIC.

Independent Inquiry

The Board agreed to urge SD to take responsibility for pressing the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee to re-open the issues of football governance, which were the subject of recommendations in their previous report on the matter. Roger would deal with this with support from David Johnson.

FOI requests

Roger reported on the latest position.

Feeder Clubs

It was agreed to oppose the proposal. Roger will confirm that to SD.

Open Meeting - 3 February 2014

It was agreed to invite a former player to attend and, for the March meeting to invite Steve Waggott. Jan would deal with this.

Football League

It was agreed that the Board would contact the Football League to ask whether they are satisfied with the Club’s progress regarding a proposed new stadium. Roger would draft a letter.

Young Supporters’ event

It was agreed that Moz would try to arrange an opportunity for young supporters to attend an away game, with a parent each, with free coach travel and tickets.

Next Board meeting

Monday 17 February, 7.30pm at the Old Ball Hotel.

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