16 December 2013


John Fletcher, Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Rachael Brown, Moz Baker, Jan Mokrzycki,
Lionel Bird, Andy Turbitt, CJ Joiner, Mark Franklin, Gary Stubbs


None received


The minutes of the meeting on 18 November 2013 were approved as a correct record.

Matters arising

Strategy - John is preparing a revised draft to circulate to Mark, Jan and Roger for comment.  The aim is to have a version for discussion at the January Board meeting.

Sky Blue Santa and Party - deferred to next year, as a longer lead-in time is required.

Trust email - sorted.

Ball Boys - 2 or 3 arranged for Swindon

Holdings Shareholders’ meeting - John is drafting a note for the website.

Credit Union - Rachael is investigating options.

Merchandising - John is preparing a discussion draft.

Meeting venues - agreed to hold future Board meetings at the Old Ball and Open meetings at the Squirrel.

Asset of Community Value - agreed to discuss at next Board meeting.


Rachael reported that the Members’ Fund stands at £2836.40 and the Fighting Fund at £2992.46.

Legal letter

Roger reported on the correspondence from Otium’s solicitors.  It was agreed that the Trust does not need to put links to relevant articles on our website. Key information gets out into the public domain anyway.


Steve and Jan reported back on recent meetings.


Roger reported on progress with getting answers from CCC, ACL, Otium and the FL. It was agreed to put the answers, verbatim, on the Trust website as soon as we have responses from at least three of the organisations.

Proposed event on 29 December

It was agreed not to support this event.

Ricoh Arena

The Board agreed that Jan ask ACL to ensure that the commemorative bricks are cleaned.

Contingency Planning

Andy and Lionel reported on progress with information gathering.

Trust Twitter and Facebook

It was agreed that these should be used to put out Trust information only.

Trust website

It was agreed that Gary should maintain the website. Roger will supply Gary with a list of dates for meetings in 2014 so they can be placed on the site. Gary will amend the details of Trust office holders on the site.

Stadium Consultation group

Steve reported on a conversation with the Chair of this new group who said that she wants the Trust to be involved. It was agreed that Steve would ask her how many representatives the Trust could appoint. It should be made clear that taking up such positions must not be seen to imply Trust endorsement for the principle of a new stadium. In due course, it will be important to get clarity as to the Terms of Reference of the group.

Proposed exhibition - Women’s football in WW1

It was agreed to endorse the project. Lionel will forward an email with details to Roger.

Future Events

It was agreed that Moz, Gary and CJ will be responsible for event organisation.


It was agreed that Roger will review the Trust Constitution on membership renewals, the financial year-end and Board membership and report to the next Board meeting.

Next Board meeting

Monday 20 January, 7.30pm at the Old Ball Hotel.

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