18 November 2013

1. Present

John Fletcher, Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Rachael Brown, Moz Baker, Jan Mokrzycki, 

Lionel Bird, Andy Turbitt, CJ Joiner, Mark Franklin

2. Apologies

Gary Stubbs

3. Finance and Membership

Rachael updated the Board on the latest position.


The Board discussed the draft produced after the last Board meeting. It was agreed that the draft did not represent the sort of forward-looking strategic plan which the Trust needs.  It was agreed that John, Mark, Jan and Roger will draft a strategy for consideration at the next meeting. John will initiate that with an amended version of the draft he produced some months ago.

4. Matters arising from Open Meeting on 4 November 2013

Four propositions were accepted at the open meeting for consideration by the Board. After discussion, the position with each is as follows:

a) Proposed inquiry by Culture Media and Sport Select Committee

The Board noted that the Committee have recently indicated that they will be revisiting the issue of football governance and that this will include a review of the way the Coventry City issues have been dealt with by the football authorities.

b) City Centre event

No volunteers came forward to organise this event, either at the open meeting or since. The Board are concerned that, during the Winter, a large scale event may be unattractive. Instead, it was agreed to arrange a Christmas Concert/Party, perhaps at the Albany Club, including the Sent from Coventry music. (We were not clear who was going to take a lead in organising this. Any volunteers?)

c) Big screen for Bradford game

This was avery successfully held at the Ricoh Arena, attended by 327 people and raising funds for local charities. Jan will organise some follow-up publicity.

d) Asset of Community Value registration for the Ricoh Arena

It was agreed that John would press Martin Reeves for his promised views on whether such registration could be helpful.

5. Proposed Sky Blue Santa campaign

Andy summarised this suggested campaign. The Board agreed to support it and that CJ and Gary would organise it.

6. Trust Email

It was agreed that Gary be asked to extend access to the Trust email account to Jan, Moz and Roger.

7. Trust Officers

The Board discussed proposals for a reallocation of Board member responsibilities. It was agreed that Steve should become Chair and John Vice Chair. It was further agreed that Roger would become Secretary with support from Steve, CJ and Rachael in relation to delivery of correspondence, booking venues and any other necessary administrative work in Coventry.

Jan agreed to produce a statement explaining these changes.

8. Ball Boys and Girls at away games

CJ reported on the positive responses from almost all League 1 Clubs to the suggestion that former Ricoh Arena Ball boys and girls be invited to act as such at away games.

9. CCFC (Holdings) Ltd shareholders’ meeting

Lionel reported on the forthcoming meeting.  It was agreed that John would attend to represent the Trust and that Mark & Roger would provide some draft questions to raise at the meeting.

10. Next Open Meeting

It was agreed that Moz would organise the next meeting, in the form of a pre-Christmas quiz.  It was also agreed ask members whether they would like to attend an open meeting in early January.

11. Supporters Direct

Steve, John and CJ reported back on their attendance at the SD Regional meeting which they attended on 15 November. It was suggested from there that the Trust should explore the possibility of placing its funds into a Credit Union. (We did not say who would do this but is it one for Rachael as Treasurer?)

12. Merchandising

It was agreed that CJ, John and Rachael would draft a merchandising plan for the Trust, outlining what items we might seek to acquire for sale, how much the Trust is prepared to invest, over what timescale and with what proposed financial return.

13. Venue for future meetings

Steve agreed to look for an alternative suitable venue for Trust meetings

14. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 16 December, 7.30pm

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