Sky Blue Trust Board Meeting 

The Squirrel Pub, Coventry.

Monday March 18th 2013


Jan Mokryzcki, Moz Baker, Gary Stubbs, CJ Joiner, Kev Kelly, Lionel Bird. Michael Orton, Andy Turbitt, Steve Brown, John Fletcher Roger Ellis, Rachel Brown.

Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting 18/02/13

All action points had been cleared and there were no further matters arising. 

Treasurers Report

RB reported that that there was currently £1609.00 in main account and £1403.00 in Fighting Fund. RB also reported that she had been advised by Lloyds TSB that should the Board desire a new account for a potential community share issue this could be set up with no notice required.

Recognition of Achievement

The Board took time to reflect on a hectic period which had seen the profile of the Trust raised significantly and a number of positive comments received including mention by MP Bob Ainsworth as part of a parliamentary debate with regard to the ownership of the club.

This was reflected in a successful recruitment exercise at the Ricoh ahead of the Hartlepool game on 16/3/13 where in the region of 300 new members signed up. Membership now stands at 1145 and rising.

RE reported back from his conversations with Supporters Direct (SD). Unfortunately due to rail cancellations Kevin Rye was unable to attend meeting as planned but RE gave brief feedback. Firstly that SD felt the actions taken by the board had, in their opinion, been commendable and they welcomed our proactive approach and drive on membership. They advised the Board to concentrate at this stage on membership recruitment and continue to talk to all relevant stakeholders.

The Board agreed to repeat the Recruitment exercise ahead of the Doncaster Rovers game on Good Friday with emphasis to be given to the area under the bridge next to the Arena Park. 

AP1 GS to co-ordinate volunteers for this project.

ACL/SISU Dispute Update

JM confirmed that the Administration court hearing would be held at the High Court on Friday 22/3/13 with the expected CCFC defence to be that the original licence with ACL was unlawful and that they had been overcharged for utilities since the agreement was drawn up in 2007. 

JM advised that the recent exercise of asking pertinent questions to both ACL and members of the CCFC Board was now complete and the answers were ready for publication on the website. However whilst ACL were happy for their answers to be reproduced Mike Labovitch had advised that we could not publish the CCFC Board  answers as there could be an issue of sub judice ahead of the court hearing on Friday.

The Board expressed their disappointment at this intervention but agreed to go ahead and publish the ACL responses whilst reporting via the website the reasons given for the non-publication of CCFC board responses.

AP3 JF to publish responses as above on website.

Rule Change 

JF proposed a change to the existing SBT rules in order to allow a Community Share Issue to be launched.  This was seconded by RE and agreed unanimously by the Board.  RE reported that the documentation was now in place and ready to go with regard to the rule change.  Due to the notice required for SGM and the need to issue notification to all members including those without E mail it was agreed to postpone the scheduled meeting until 15/4/13.

AP4 AT to print notification letter for issue by post.

AP5 GS to conduct enveloping exercise with help from others as required.

AP6 SB to arrange postage.

Stance of Trust

LB raised the issue of the Trust’s stance with regard to the ongoing dispute between ACL and SISU. It was agreed that the Trust continue to call on all parties to settle the current dispute and emphasising the importance of the Trust’s aims as published in the new membership leaflet.  

Planning the Way Forward

RE reported back from Kevin Rye (SD) who advised that we should “Be Bold…Don’t be Modest “ and keep reiterating our desire for a supporters stake in the club, seat on the board etc.  and to continue meeting with all stakeholders. SD would continue to promote our role in this ongoing issue. As a board we should see how the situation develops and react accordingly. At such time as we need to react we should follow SD best practice and work in consultation with them to obtain the best results.  

RE reported that should the club go into administration, the administrator will be appointed by the court. Our interest should be the future governance and stability of the club. 

RE was currently drafting a letter to meet with the Football League. Bob Ainsworth MP had also contacted Council leader John Mutton with a view to a formal meeting including Council Chief Executive at which the Trust aim for part supporter ownership in any new model to be promoted.


Finance Position

MO advised that he was meeting with the Credit Union later this week as we need to get our infrastructure in place at the earliest opportunity should we decide to launch a Community Share issue. There was then much discussion about which was the desired model to follow. It was agreed that, whilst we would learn from the experiences of others, there would in all likelihood be a unique “Coventry Model” and that as a Board we needed to do our best to ensure any deal struck that the Trust needs to be involved and that the priority is the future of the football club.

GS reported that he had arranged a press release with the Pompey Trust ahead of a meeting on the day of the game between the 2 clubs at Fratton Park on 23/3/13. This would be circulated to all board members for agreement and issue in next few days.


AP 7 GS to produce press release in conjunction with Pompey Trust.

Website Update

JM advised that he had been in contact with Nick from Sky Blue Talk regarding a possible link up. It was agreed that we would advertise Sky Blue talk on the Trust website and we would ask for reciprocal arrangements. 

With regard to the Trust website it was agreed that it was now a lot more up to date and there was a regular flow of new items. Board agreed that we should keep up this momentum.


SB suggested that the time was now right to propose a meeting between the board and Joy Seppala. The Board were in full agreement.

AP8 JF to draft letter and issue directly to JS.

LB confirmed the attendees for the Joe Elliott meeting on 21/3/13

JF advised that we should refer to ourselves as the largest “Independent “CCFC supporters group as technically the JSB group was larger.

CJ suggested running a regular tote/raffle idea to raise funds. He would look further into this and report back.

AP 9 CJ to pursue this idea.

AT asked what further leaflets the Board required. It was agreed to do a mixture of membership forms but also leaflets that new members were able to keep displaying the Trust objectives. AT to also produce banner stands with the new Trust objectives.

AP 10 AT to produce leaflets and banner stands as above.

MB reported that he had spoken to Steve Waggott with regard to Steven Pressley speaking at a Trust Open Meeting ion near future. He had been advised that it was on his agenda but Pressley was undergoing a highly intensive induction period at present.

The Board suggested as the next Open meeting had been postponed until 15/4/13 that we pursue this date.

AP 11 MB to pursue Steven Pressley presence at meeting on 15/4/13.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday April 15th The Squirrel Pub

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