Sky Blue Trust Emergency Planning Meeting

The Stag and Pheasant, Coventry.

Thursday March 14th 2013


Jan Mokryzcki, Moz Baker, Gary Stubbs, CJ Joiner, Lionel Bird. Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Rachel Brown


. Kev Kelly, John Fletcher, Andy Turbitt, Michael Orton,


Paul Mayall

This meeting had been called at short notice following the announcement on 13/3/13 that ACL had gone to the High Court to seek an administration order against CCFC.

Although a routine Board meeting was scheduled for 18/3/13 it was felt that this meeting was necessary to be attended by all board members who were available in order that the current position be clarified, that all board members were aware of the official stance and that any necessary short term plans be put in place. Further strategic plans would then be developed at the scheduled board meeting.

JM fed back from conversations he had with all parties in the last few days.

To his knowledge there are currently 2 interested parties who are monitoring the situation closely and could be potentially buyers. Little more is known at this stage.

RE reported back that he had been in regular dialogue with Supporters Direct (SD) who had been very helpful. They advised that a meeting with Football League should be pursued and felt that contact via them was the best course to facilitate this. Kevin Rye from SD hoped to be able to attend Monday’s board meeting.

It was agreed to pursue a meeting via SD with Coventry City Council at Senior Level, that is to say Council leader and Chief Executive to ensure they are fully aware of Trust objectives and that they know exactly what they are supporting in endorsing the Trust. MP Bob Ainsworth had expressed an interest in attending such a meeting and it was agreed that he should be asked to attend if possible.

Key Messages

The Board then discussed the messages that we should be conveying so as to ensure consistency;

These were agreed as follows;

1) The club is not currently in administration. The trust continues to talk to all parties with a view to this issue being resolved before an administration order takes place.

2) If Administration does occur following the high court hearing. The Trust wants to be part of the future running of the club and supporter representation on the new board would be our aim with part ownership of the club via a supporters share issue a goal we would look to pursue.

3) We would be willing to talk to any potential buyer/investor but the wellbeing and the future development of the football club as a key part of the local community would be our paramount concern.

4) Supporter representation on any new board that is formed would be a key part of our objectives.  


The Board agreed that it was now critical that we looked to increase our membership. A full scale recruitment drive at the match v Hartlepool on 16/3/13 would take place. MO would be asked to do an all members letter asking for volunteers to help sign up potential new members.

MB, JM, GS and CJ would co-ordinate the effort with all recruiters meeting at Jimmy Hill statue at 1pm. We would look to, if possible, get volunteers at all points of the stadium to ensure maximum take up. We have also been given permission to recruit within Casino.

Due to limited numbers of available new style leaflets, as a backup JM would produce a temporary form for SB to photocopy.


It was agreed that JM needed to be the first port of call for any Media/PR enquiries but also that he needed help. It was agreed therefore that JM would be supported by a team of MB, SB, CJ and RB. Any enquiries though should first be cleared through JM.

Trust Statements

It was agreed that any statements from the Trust that we were issuing to members or press etc. should first be cleared through RE who would lead in this matter. A team of JM, MO and MB would support him in this.

Joe Elliott

It was agreed that we would meet Joe Elliott on 21/3/13 at the Ricoh to get his perspective on any potential investors/buyers. It was agreed that we would stress to Joe that we wanted to be talking to all potential investors.

Portsmouth Trust

It was agreed that SB, GS and CJ would meet with Portsmouth Trust ahead of the game on 23/3/13.

Secure Website

PM advised that he had identified a contact who was willing to set up a system that would accommodate our need for a potential share issue. RE to discuss with SD what the requirements would be with a view to PM pursuing this lead.

BBC Late Kick OFF

MB advised that he had arranged for a small group of Trust board members to do a feature for programme being transmitted on Sunday 17/3/13. This would be recorded at the Ricoh on Sunday morning. JM to check availability of room at Ricoh. MB to advise on further detail.

Next Open Meeting

It was agreed that vote on rule change would take place at start of meeting and that any guest speaker would appear after the vote had been concluded. MB was still pursuing Steven Pressley with Steve Waggott and would advise on any update at next board meeting. Notice of meeting to be issued 18/3/13. RE would re send to MB a copy of draft notice.

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