Jan Mokryzcki, Moz Baker, Gary Stubbs, CJ Joiner, Kev Kelly, Lionel Bird. Michael Orton, Andy Turbitt, Steve Brown, John Fletcher. Apologies Roger Ellis, Rachel Brown. Observer: Paul Mayall Dean Nelson

Matters Arising from Minutes of Meeting 21/01/13

i) MO had circulated proposal for new wording on membership leaflet. This was formally agreed by board. AT kindly agreed to produce.

ii) MB had circulated survey examples used by other Trusts. Board agreed that all had potential for use but proposal to issue survey to be put on hold at present pending more pressing matters.

iii) CJ and GS pursuing contact via text of members who haven’t declared E mail contact addresses. This is on-going.

iv) MB had drafted press release in conjunction with JM to promote tie in with 21st Century Clothing with regard to T shirt production. Article and photograph had appeared in Coventry Telegraph as well as mention on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Free Radio and Coventry Observer.

Treasurers Report \RB unable to attend for personal reasons so no treasurers’ report presented.

ACL/SISU Rent Negotiations Update

JM confirmed that he continued to be kept abreast of any developments in this on-going situation. The various public statements that had been made by both ACL and SISU via Tim Fisher were outlined. It was agreed that JM should make contact with John Clarke and Mark Labowitcz for their respective take on current matters. MO confirmed that contact had been made with Professor John Beech who had agreed that should both parties be agreeable to it, he would be prepared to act as arbitrator but he didn’t feel there was any benefit in going down any mediation route that wasn’t binding.

  • AP 1 JM to make contact with John Clarke and Mark Labowitcz.

Fact Finding Questions for CCFC/SISU and ACL The Board then discussed at length the detailed questions to be asked of both parties so as to be able to get an accurate account of the situation from both sides. The questions were agreed by the Board and that meetings should be arranged at the earliest opportunity with both Tim Fisher (and other CCFC board members if possible) and ACL. It was agreed that JM, MB and RE would represent the Trust at both meetings for continuity purposes and that a summary of responses from both sides would be placed on Trust website. Local and National media would also be contacted as appropriate. Board agreed that once answers obtained and published that a press release with regard to John Beech arbitration offer would be produced.

  • AP2 JM to contact both Tim Fisher and ACL to arrange meetings.

Community Share Issue

AT advised that he had been in dialogue with Supporters Direct and had been advised that the Trust needed to amend its constitution so as to change rules to allow approval of a community shares issue. These new proposed rules would need to be voted on by members and 14 days’ notice given of meeting. AT agreed to speak again to Supporters Direct to ascertain full implications and requirements and would report back to board with a view to presenting Trust proposals for a Community Share issue at next available Open Meeting in April. The Board also discussed the Business Plan that would need to be drawn up at the time of any such share issue initiative. It was agreed that this was a priority matter and that once the full circumstances and required processes established this would require urgent action. AT also advised that he had been making enquiries as to the cost of building a website with the capability to deal with an online share issue facility. Initial costs indicated to be in the region of £3000. It was agreed that the Portsmouth Trust and other Trusts who had been through similar initiatives be contacted with a view to identifying the software used in their share issue and any other useful advice.

  • AP 3 AT to contact Portsmouth Supporters Trust and Supporters Direct as above.


AT advised that a Supporters Direct workshop event was being staged in Telford on 21/2/13 and it was agreed that it would be beneficial if at least one Board member were able to attend. SB offered to attend if he were physically able due to his current injury. CJ and or GS would accompany him if possible.

JM reported that ACL had advised that the Aylesford Suite at the Ricoh would be available on match days for the Trust to use for meetings but that we would need to get formal approval from CCFC

  • AP4 JM to contact CCFC for approval as above.

MB advised that the April open meeting fell on Easter Monday. It was agreed that the meeting would therefore take place on Tuesday 2/4/13.

Dean Nelson had contacted the Trust with a suggestion to run a Film night in conjunction with the Trust showing footage of CCFC matches from previous years in history. It was agreed that this was a good idea and that we should contact ACL with a view to arranging something at the Ricoh. The initial plan being a 90 minute event, two halves of 45 minutes.

  • AP5 GS to contact ACL to explore options and report back.

LB presented Paul Mayall with his prize from the December fundraising raffle. A copy of his book “The Vocalists”.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday March 18th The Stag and Pheasant Pub

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