Rachel Brown (RB), Kev Kelly (KK), Gary Stubbs (GS), Moz Baker (MB), Steve Brown (SB), Michael Orton (MO), Lionel Bird (LB), , Andy Turbitt(AT), Jan Mokrzycki (JM)


John Fletcher (JF), CJ Joiner (CJ) 

Minutes from Previous Meeting

Were agreed as a true record.

Matters arising 

There were no matters arising that weren’t being covered elsewhere on the Agenda other than JF intention to pursue a meeting with Joy Seppalla. As JF was not in attendance due to illness this matter would carry forward to next meeting.

Action Point 1 (AP)JF to pursue meeting with Joy Seppalla.


There was no correspondence to discuss. 

Treasurers Report

RB advised that Trust currently held £1416.00 in its account with approximately £50.00 due to be paid into the account.

Finance Group Fact Finding

AT and MO presented 3 separate papers to the meeting which had been circulated in advance. The first a series of recommendations on next steps forward, the second from Roger Ellis which was feedback from a workshop “So you think you can manage a football club “which he and AT had attended on 04/10/12 and the third a summary from Roger following scrutiny made by himself and AT of published accounts and other legally disclosed information.  

AT reported that the workshop was very interesting and contained some really useful information and that Brendan Guilfoyle , the administrator who had spoke at the workshop was more than happy to speak to the Sky Blue Trust at any time.

It was agreed by the Board that we needed to present a factual account of the financial picture of the club at the earliest opportunity. AT reported back on Rogers’s behalf that he still had a number of questions following scrutiny of the accounts. The board agreed that Roger should be asked to meet with Tim Fisher to establish answers to said questions and then to revise his report according to the information received from Tim Fisher so as to be suitable for publication on the Trust website. The Board agreed that it was its role to present the “voice of reason” and merely present the facts to members but invite them to ask any questions of concern or in need of clarity which the Board would then present to the CCFC Board/Owners, Coventry City Council, ACL etc. The Board also discussed the current uncertainty regarding the ownership of the stadium and it was agreed that we should seek a meeting with Council leader John Mutton for the up to date picture.

AP (2) MO to ask Roger if he is happy to pursue meeting with Tim Fisher.

AP (3) LB to speak to John Mutton with a view to meeting with members of the trust. 

As per the paper presented the Board agreed in principle to adopt a new financial fund “The Sky Blue Trust Community Partnership Fund” aimed at raising funds but rather than go for a large scale launch at this stage to write out to selected members (“high net worth individuals”) who have previously indicated they may be in a position to make a financial contribution to the Trust on a discreet basis so as to get a gauge of the likely response. 

Open Recruitment Meeting

The only available area that would be suitable to stage such a meeting on a match day ahead of the game would be G Casino. It was agreed to put this item back to November meeting but that an event before the Portsmouth fixture on November 24th would be ideal. GS would contact G Casino with a view to establishing a partnership with the Trust.  

AP (4) GS to pursue a partnership with G Casino.

Future Open Meetings

It was agreed that we would aim to get guest speakers at all future open meetings, wherever possible. Although the December 3rd meeting would comprise of a very short update meeting followed by a Sky Blue Quiz. MB would prepare and present this.

MB would also pursue Mark Robins with a view to future guest speaker slot (ideally November 5th meeting), GS would ask Steve Waggott for his availability for the future and RB would do likewise with Professor John Beech from the University of Warwick. The frequency of meetings was discussed but it was agreed to remain at monthly on the first Monday of each month.

AP5 MB, GS and RB to pursue guest speakers as above.

Sub Group Updates 

PR and Publicity

JM advised that he was preparing to produce an update of the Ricoh ownership situation and also that he proposed to ask Tim Fisher for further clarification of the 3 year plan he talked about at recent BBC Fans Forum.

JM also suggested that any board members who went on radio phone in etc introduced themselves as being an SBT Board member so as to further promote the organisation within the community.


GS advised that we require a new graphic on website to improve its appearance. He also suggested that we include more information on the site to attract more interest. Suggestions included match verdicts /reports from attending board and ordinary members and fans view of events. GS also requested that anybody who hadn’t already done so provide a photograph and pen picture (including where they sit in the Ricoh) for inclusion on the site.

AP6 All Board members to ensure GS receives photograph and pen picture before next Board meeting.


LB advised that he was in the process of producing a number of limited edition prints showing where the original Singers FC was founded. He suggested charging £10.00 for the print and any profit going towards the Trust. He would pursue this and report back at next meeting.


It was agreed that SB would purchase a tenor drum with the intention of getting the Sky Blue Trust logo printed on it for a volunteer member to play on behalf of the Trust at future CCFC matches at the Ricoh. 

AP7 SB to purchase drum on behalf of the trust.

AP8 JM to pursue PR possibilities with local media

MB reported that he had still not received confirmation from the management at The Kasbah with regard to the promotion/recruitment event planned thee on December 15th. He would pursue this and report back.

AP9 MB to pursue confirmation with Kasbah.

MO placed on record on behalf of the Trust his thanks to the member who kindly posted letters to all members who had not provided E mail or mobile phone contact details.

AT proposed and it was agreed by Board that Hartshaw accountants’ details were placed on website and that they become an official partner.

JM proposed that we placed links on website to London Supporters Association and CCFC Former Players Association. GS advised that we would need appropriate graphics for all partners included.

AP10 GS/JF to pursue as above.

JM suggested and it was agreed by board that we introduce a Sky Blue Trust player of the year award to be awarded at the end of each season.

Date of Next Meeting November 19th 2012 The Squirrel Pub 7.30pm

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