Sky Blue Trust Board Meeting


The Squirrel Pub, Greyfriars Road, Coventry.


Monday September 17th 2012





John Fletcher (JF), Rachel Brown (RB), Kev Kelly (KK), Gary Stubbs (GS), Moz Baker (MB), Steve Brown (SB), Michael Orton (MO), Lionel Bird (LB), , Andy Turbitt(AT),




CJ Joiner (CJ), Jan Mokrzycki (JM)


Minutes from Previous Meeting


Were agreed as a true record.


Matters arising


GS advised that Coventry City council had agreed a pitch for SBT at the forthcoming Godiva Festival spin off event in the Broadgate area on 23/9/12. GS would be manning the stand with MB but asked for more volunteer help if available.

GS also confirmed that he had issued invitation to Portsmouth FC Trust to attend meeting ahead of the fixture at Ricoh in November but has not received confirmation of their attendance as yet.


There were no other matters arising that were not covered elsewhere on the agenda.




There was no correspondence to discuss.


Treasurers Report


RB advised that Trust currently held £1320.00 in its account. She also advised that GS would now be keeping a running tally of the costs incurred for away match coach travel and maintaining a float to pay for up front costs.


Clarification of membership fee


Board agreed and confirmed that membership fee would increase to £2.00 to fund extra services e.g. a membership card with discounts at local businesses with an aim to do this from 1/2/13 but that anybody joining between now and then would retain membership until 31/1/14.


Increasing Membership


Board agreed to produce a special version of membership leaflet for Arsenal Capitol One Cup match on   September 26th highlighting the fact that Arsenal used to be regular opponents and contrasting the clubs current position. AT agreed that it was feasible to produce in time available.

MO advised that 2 SBT members had offered to take responsibility for recruitment in the South Warwickshire area beginning by contacting the organisers of match day coaches. They also have contacts with the London supporters group and will contact them. He has also received offers of help from another 2 SBT members to help with a roadshow in the Nuneaton area.


Action Point 1 (AP1) AT to produce 5000 special leaflets for Arsenal match

AP2 MO to write to Tim Fisher to ask permission to distribute leaflets on board the official supporter’s coaches and also to be able to distribute at home games matches both outside the stadium and in the Casino.

MO to also ask about possibility of using a Ricoh meeting room for members meeting ahead

of a home fixture

AP3 RB to try and distribute leaflets on coaches at Ricoh ahead of Arsenal match

AP4 MB and GS to distribute leaflets on their respective SBT coaches leaving from Fairfax Street for the Arsenal match.

AP5 MO to liaise with members who had offered recruitment help and pass details to GS/MB


Ownership and Fighting Fund


Board agreed that we needed to set up a proper Fighting Fund which at this stage would be a contribution to help with all running costs of the organisation which would serve as a pre cursor to whatever model the Trust decided to follow. It was agreed that this should be a separate account specifically for “Fighting Fund” contributions. It was also agreed that LB should be kept “in the loop” of developments within the Finance group in order that he can contribute where appropriate.


AP6 MO to talk to financial institutions including the Co Op Bank to establish the best deal and set up for this type of initiative.

AP7 AT to get together with Roger Ellis from the Finance working group to investigate the financial set up of SISU.

AP8 LB to invite Joe Elliott to meet with Board. Either next scheduled meeting or an ad hoc meeting.


Feedback from Working Groups and Recent Activities


Fans Forum


The Board expressed disappointment at the small number of questions asked in the hour long BBC programme and the fact that questioners were not given proper opportunity to respond to the answers provided.

It was also agreed that although Tim Fisher had answered questions from the floor that were in the same ball park as the questions that the Trust had produced and that were published in Coventry Telegraph September 12th he should still answer our specific questions.


The Board agreed that we should request a meeting with Joy Seppalla and that request should come from JF as chair.


AP9 JF to request meeting with Joy Seppalla.






GS advised that he had been looking at the feedback received from individual members and would discuss the issues raised with JF outside of meeting.

LB had produced a document detailing a factual account of the recent financial history of the club which will be placed on the website once fully referenced and avoiding anything that could leave the Board open to legal action.


AP10 LB to add source of each fact to the document and liaise with JF/GS to place on website.  


Website Development


JF reported that the “Sign Up” plug in had now been installed.


AP11 MO to pass existing membership details to JF when latest batch of forms have been input  

AP12 GS and JF to liaise re Twitter and Facebook accounts.

AP 13 JF to place Board biographies on website



Establishing new business partners


Board agreed that we would promote via the website. A particular feature to pursue would be members from further a field, e.g. Australia, USA who have joined SBT.


GS reported that G Casino had indicated an interest in offering SBT members a discount.

MB reported that he had been in dialogue with management at The Kasbah Nightclub with a view to an SBT fundraising event and would be looking to pursue this at a meeting he was looking to arrange.


LB offered to write to De Courcey re a possible link up.


Board confirmed that The Squirrel Pub, Simply Signs and Chapel End Coaches had all been granted partner status and their details would be displayed on website.


AP14 GS to pursue G Casino link.

AP15 MB to meet with The Kasbah. GS to accompany him.

AP16 LB to write to De Courcey Travel

AP17 JF/GS to obtain graphics for existing Business Partners logos.




LB indicated that he may be able to obtain both a photograph and artistic impression of the Lord Aylesford Inn, the place where Singers FC was formed. SBT could then look to produce limited edition prints to raise funds.

LB would also be representing SBT at Ernie Machin memorial on 1/10/12.


AP18 LB to pursue option of photograph/print of Lord Aylesford Inn.


Supporters Services


JF reported that he was looking into proposal to produce items such as badges and other similar items to raise funds. He was still looking for volunteers to join the Supporters Services working group.


Supporter’s Consultative group


SB advised that he had received no contact from the group in the last month. LB advised that he required an apology from Peter Ward, chair of SCG for stating on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire that any fans not renewing their season ticket were not real supporters. LB asked for board representative to request apology at next meeting. (Please note this is a private complaint issued by LB and is not a complaint by the Sky Blue Trust as a whole).


AP19 SB to contact Dan Walker at CCFC re next meeting of SCG and enquire why there had been no communication.

AP 20 SBT representative at next meeting to seek apology as above.


Speakers at Open Meetings


Board agreed that where possible we should seek to have guest speaker at future Open meetings to attract attendance. JF also suggested that future meetings may take the form of a social event to make them more attractive and keep it varied.


AP 21 RB to seek the attendance of John Beech, Professor at University of Warwick for meeting on 1/10/12

AP 22 JF to contact Council leader John Mutton for future meeting.

AP22 MB to pursue other potential speakers including members from local media.


 Business Plan/Action Plan


It was agreed that all Board members should study the documents produced by JF and fill in any gaps pertinent to them in pencil ahead of next meeting where the completion of action plan would be the main item on agenda.


AP23 All Board members as above.


Any Other Business


MB advised that at the last SBT Roadshow in Coventry City Centre 8/9/12 that all new members signing up on the day went into a raffle. The draw was completed at the end of the day and the winners of the 3 prizes were;


Signed CCFC Football       John Hamilton


Signed Lionel Bird Book      George Buchanan


CCFC Cup Final 1987 Ale Justin Comly


AP24 MB to invite winners to attend next Open meeting to be presented with their prize.



Date of Next Meeting October 15th 2012 The Squirrel Pub 7.30pm

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