We've endured plenty of sad days while supporting Coventry City.

Friday's devastating announcement that the Sky Blues will be relocating to St Andrews next season marks probably the saddest day of all.
To happen once during the disastrous Sixfields period was bad enough but for fans, the real losers in this tragic episode, to have to go through it all again is unforgiveable.
All of those who had the opportunity to do the right thing, ensuring our status in the city of Coventry at the Ricoh Arena, have failed miserably, letting us all down massively.
Everyone will have their own views as to who the main culprits are. We've seen enough on social media in the last few days to see that is the case.
The one group in all of this though and the one that once again are the collateral damage in this sorry saga are us the fans.
We therefore urge all Sky Blues fans to respect the views of others. Some will choose to travel to Birmingham, others won't. Whichever side of the fence you choose to sit on we would ask you to remember that none of this almighty mess is down to supporters, all any of us ultimately  want is to watch our team play and do the best they possibly can.
Tragically for the forseeable future that won't now be in Coventry.
The Sky Blue Trust launched our "Countdown to Homelessness" campaign at the start of last season with the aim of raising the profile of this potentially unwelcome outcome and to focus minds to try and prevent it happening.
Now that it has become reality we will continue to engage with all parties to do what we can to help facilitate the earliest possible return to Coventry. In particular we'll look to ensure that the EFL's commitment to quarterly reviews is a meaningful exercise and that they do everything in their power to hasten an early return.
The dismay, anger and disappointment  that this disastrous decision has caused is already clear to see. In the coming weeks we shall be exploring ways of galvanising that strength of feeling to demonstrate to the widest audience just what we as Coventry City fans feel about being dragged out of our proud city for the second time.
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  • The Sky Blue Trust notes the statement from Coventry City FC advising that the scheduled EFL meeting this week has been cancelled and that a "Plan B" ground share arrangement has been agreed with another Football League club, believed to be Birmingham City FC.
Whilst we acknowledge that it is good news that the club owners and Wasps are still talking with a view to agreeing a mutually beneficial deal to play at the Ricoh, we once again make clear our view that Coventry City FC must play in Coventry. Anything else will be a massive failure on all of those parties with the power to make it happen.
As was made perfectly clear in the survey we facilitated for the EFL, a groundshare outside of Coventry, be it at St Andrews or anywhere else will be unacceptable to the vast majority of the Sky Blue Community. 
We are therefore surprised and disappointed that the EFL appear to have accepted the groundshare backstop without any indication as to the date of when, if, how or under what conditions they will ensure that SISU return our Club to our City should the groundshare be implemented.
There is however still time to stop this disastrous measure so instead of wasting any more words we simply say to those who are letting our football club and our city down so badly.
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In accordance with Rule 63 of the Trust’s Constitution, four current Board members must resign. This year, they are Andy Fletcher, CJ Joiner, Dave Eyles and Moz Baker. They are all entitled to put themselves forward for re-election. There are also two further unfilled vacancies.

The election of Board members must follow the procedure set out in our Election Policy.

Nomination forms are now available from here for Trust members wishing to seek election to the Board.

The election will be carried out to the following timetable:

Closing date for nominations - 24 June 2019

Confirm number of eligible nominations -  26 June 2019


If number is six or less, those nominated are elected at AGM


If number is seven or more, ballot papers issued - 27 June 2019


Election results announced at AGM - 15 July 2019


Roger Ellis

Secretary, the Sky Blue Trust

22 May 2019

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