Following the survey we issued yesterday on behalf of the EFL a number of Sky Blue fans have asked us for clarification on a couple of important issues.    

  • Firstly with regard to potential expulsion we have been asked in what league CCFC would play in if they were expelled from the EFL. The Trust understands that this question would be decided by an FA Committee. We have however made enquiries with both the EFL and FA and have been advised that it is likely that we would be placed one or two tiers below National League North/South but that would be a matter for discussion with the FA and the Leagues at the time. 
  • Of course, even then a home ground would be needed which met the rules of the relevant league. Those rules would be less stringent below the EFL.
  • We have also been asked  what form the binding commitment  referred to in option B in the survey would take. We don’t know for sure, only the EFL can answer this question, however we understand that in 2013, when the EFL agreed the ground-share at Northampton there was a £1million pound undertaking that was released on return to the Ricoh. 
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After tomorrow’s game against Oxford United, the Sky Blues will have just three games to play at the Ricoh Arena before the end of the season. Unless agreement can be reached to extend the Club’s use of the Ricoh, in just 33 days the English Football League (EFL) will be meeting to consider possible expulsion of the Club from the League.


There is still time for SISU, Wasps and Coventry City Council to work together constructively to solve this crisis. There are several possible solutions, for example:


SISU could drop their legal action and do a deal with Wasps.


Wasps could come to the negotiating table and enable the Sky Blues to play at the Ricoh next season.


Coventry City Council could offer help and support, to keep the Club alive.


SISU could sell the Club to new owners who might be more able to agree terms with Wasps.


In recent discussions, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and many local MPs have urged the three organisations to solve the problem and remove the threat to the Club’s existence. The EFL have been pressing the Club for a long period of time to make satisfactory arrangements for the Club’s home games and to make their intentions clear to the League and to supporters. But the politicians and the EFL can only urge, persuade and cajole.  They do not have the power to compel the parties to sort out the mess. At the time of writing, the Club have not informed the EFL where they will play home games in 2019/20 and have not proposed a ground-share to the EFL


If, by 25 April 2019, Coventry City do not have an arrangement to play matches in Coventry for the 2019/20 season, would you be in favour of Coventry City being permitted to play matches at a stadium outside the Coventry area under a ground-sharing arrangement as an alternative to expulsion from the EFL?


SUPPORTERS WILL BE ASKED TO PICK ONE ANSWER. Note that supporters who select option (b) below should recognise that this is the equivalent of a no’ vote should the club be unwilling/unable to provide a binding commitment.


a) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry;

b) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry, subject to a binding commitment to return to Coventry within 3 years;

c) opposition to a ground-share outside Coventry as an alternative to expulsion from the EFL.


The Trust has agreed to ask its Members to answer the EFL’s suggested questiona above. The Trust has also decided to invite supporters who are not Trust members also to let us have their answers to the question.


The survey is available via this link and your participation is encouraged


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On Thursday March 21st a delegation from  "The Sky Blue Trust "  and other concerned Coventry City fans will be visiting the four key stakeholders in the ongoing and highly damaging stadium dispute which threatens to leave the Sky Blues homeless to deliver a small selection of messages compiled from Sky Blues supporters and the wider football community to convey just what Coventry City means to them
To give some idea as to expected timings we aim to be at the following locations at the times stated. However the London locations in particular are subject to delay depending on traffic.
Council House,Earl Street 8.30am
Ricoh Arena 9.15am
SISU HQ, 96 Kensington High Street 11.30am 
EFL HQ Blandford Street 12.30pm
We look forward to seeing those of you who are able to join us. If you are coming, let's see plenty of Sky Blue, to let everyone know who we are and what this football club means to us.
For Live Updates on the Timings, please check the Sky Blue Trust Twitter account and Facebook accounts
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