The Sky Blue Trust is now able to publish the results of its recent ground sharing survey, which closed at 6pm on Friday 29 March. 
There are two preliminary points that we need to emphasise and have now done so to the EFL.
1. The vast majority of CCFC supporters wish the club to remain at the Ricoh.
2. Some supporters felt unable to answer the question posed because all of the three options presented were unacceptable to them.
The result of the survey was as follows:
A) 338 votes 12.05%
B) 821 votes 29.28%
C) 1645 votes 58.67%
Total votes cast = 2804
We are satisfied from active monitoring of the survey that this outcome reflects the views of those Sky Blue Trust members who felt able to respond and also broadly represents the views of the wider supporter base.
We have advised the EFL that it is now incumbent on them to exercise all possible influence on CCFC management, its owner and director, and any of the other parties to this protracted dispute who the EFL feels  able to influence, to act in the best interests of the club, its supporters and the whole Sky Blues Community, so that none of these three outcomes becomes reality.
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The Sky Blue Trust notes with great frustration the recent open letters and public statements from the three sides in this increasingly acrimonious saga. It serves none of them well.

We cannot change the past and the questionable dealings from each side, but we can make demands for the future of our club.

  1. SISU. Clearly identify the site, outline the plans for a new stadium and indicate the timescales assuming Council support.
  2. Coventry City Council. Confirm the site for this proposal is available, state whether the City Council would actively support the project and act promptly, if not state why not.
  3. Wasps. Negotiate a deal that can be agreed in principle subject to the legal actions being stopped
  4. All three. Commit to a negotiated solution that removes the need to resort to legal action from all parties and stop the PR wars.

It is high time the Club owners and the City Council put the best interests of our club first and that Wasps and SISU ceased to hide behind the legal actions


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A Reminder to All Coventry City Fans that you have until 6pm on Friday 29th March 2019 to cast your vote


If, by 25 April 2019, Coventry City do not have an arrangement to play matches in Coventry for the 2019/20 season, would you be in favour of Coventry City being permitted to play matches at a stadium outside the Coventry area under a ground-sharing arrangement as an alternative to expulsion from the EFL?


SUPPORTERS WILL BE ASKED TO PICK ONE ANSWER. Note that supporters who select option (b) below should recognise that this is the equivalent of a no’ vote should the club be unwilling/unable to provide a binding commitment.


a) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry;

b) a ground-share within 50 miles from Coventry, subject to a binding commitment to return to Coventry within 3 years;

c) opposition to a ground-share outside Coventry as an alternative to expulsion from the EFL.


The Trust has agreed to ask its Members to answer the EFL’s suggested questiona above. The Trust has also decided to invite supporters who are not Trust members also to let us have their answers to the question.


The survey is available via this link and your participation is encouraged

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