The Sky Blue Trust AGM for 2019/20 will be held on Monday 3rd August 2020.


Due to the measures that come with Covid-19, we are trying to establish whether this will be a formal gathering or alternatively hosted as a virtual meeting. 


For those wishing to join the board of the Trust, please find attached a Nomination Form here


Details will follow accordingly once we know what the government guidance is on gatherings.


In addition to the Agenda outlined below, the Trust are delighted to welcome the support of the Football Supporters Association (FSA) who wish to be involved in some capacity. 




1. Minutes of 2019 AGM 

2. Receipt of accounts for the financial years ended 31 January 2020. 

3. Election of the Society Board. 

4. Open Members Forum

5. Any other business relating to the affairs of the Trust raised by a Member.

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