Minutes of the Meeting held 19th September at the Old Windmill, Spon Street





Dave Eyles (Chair), Rachael Brown, Andy Fletcher, David Johnson, Bruce Walker, Neil White


1. Apologies


CJ, Frank Smith, Nigel Lawrence


2. Minutes of last meeting – 19 August 2019




3. Matters Arising


Rachael wanted to make it clear that her acceptance of the role of Membership Secretary at the last meeting was on the basis that her role on the Board would not be confined to internal/administrative matters but would also allow her to take part in meetings, groups and networks concerned with ‘external’ organisations and issues.


  • This was confirmed and welcomed by the Board.


4. The Supporters Forum – Report Back


Dave reported back from the Forum. Key issues that were discussed included:


(a) The information that Dave Boddy gave to the Forum that the Club/owners had identified 18 sites for a new stadium in the Coventry area and these were being analysed. This meant that CCFC’s stay at St Andrews would have to be extended, since there are no on-going talks with Wasps/ACL at present. It was implied that the EFL had given approval to this extension.


  • It was agreed to use the Trust’s contacts with the EFL to ascertain whether such approval had indeed been given.


(b) Colin Henderson had been elected Chair of the Supporters’ Forum, even though the Forum itself had no formal remit and no constitution covering, e.g. voting procedures, length of office, other roles on the Forum and agenda setting.


  • It was agreed that Bruce, Rachael and David would prepare briefings for Dave on the guidelines for, and forms of, fan involvement – as proposed by Supporters Direct, the EFL and HMG, for example. This would enable Dave to engage with Colin and the wider Forum on these matters. Dave asked for these briefings by the beginning of November.    


5. The Immediate Goal: City Back in the City


  • It was agreed that a meeting would be sought first with CCC and Wasps, then with the EFL and CCFC/SISU. Since CCFC had withdrawn from an outline agreement to talk to a Trust Open Meeting, it would be valuable to have completed meetings with the other parties and to have highlighted their outcomes first, and then to put pressure on the Club/SISU to engage with us.


  • It was also agreed that in arranging meetings it would be made clear in advance what issues the Trust wished to discuss and why, and that the Trust wished to report on the outcomes to their membership and more widely.  


Bruce was asked to set up a meeting with CCC and while David was to arrange something similar with Wasps (perhaps at the Ricoh prior to the next Board Meeting).


It was stressed that the proposed demonstration/gathering at the Ricoh on the day of the cancelled Bury match was nothing to do with the Trust and was not an action that the Trust either endorsed nor opposed. Andy and Neil were asked to make that clear through Twitter and social media as necessary.


6. The Longer Term Goal


It was confirmed that the long term goal of the Trust remained that of increasing fan representation and influence in the Club’s decision making.


7. Press and PR


Following up on previous discussions regarding the overlapping membership and often opaque roles of the various Trust WhatsApp Groups it was agreed that CJ and Dave would reorganize these into three with identifiably different functions but overlapping membership.


As Chair, Dave would be a member of all three above groups.


8. Open Meetings


No actions in this respect were being organized as the participants in the current crisis would prefer (if any) small group or Board only meetings. Open meetings might result once the round of ‘crisis’ meetings has been completed.


It was suggested that one or more members of the Former Players’ Association would provide excellent Open Meeting guests.


9. Finance


The Fighting Fund stood at £4791 as before.


10. Membership


This has fallen by one person to 2790


11.  Safety Advisory Group


Bruce reported on Frank’s efforts to uncover the arrangements, personnel and membership of the St Andrews SAG. The role (if any) of Coventry City and their supporters in this SAG, given that it is BCFC’s stadium in the City of Birmingham local authority, was unclear at the time of reporting.


12. Transport Issues


There was a discussion as to whether the Trust should publicise on the website the links to those Supporters Clubs running coaches to St Andrews and to the BCFC website for more general information about attending games there.


13. Community Events and Actions


None planned at present


14. Any Other Urgent Business


The Trust’s Business Address is still that of Steve Brown’s work. CJ to contact Steve and to see if this is still appropriate


15. Date of next meeting


Monday 21st October, 5.30 p.m.: Venue to be confirmed





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