There are many claims made that are said to be the truth of CCFC’s situation in this mess. Such claims often lead to confusion and division. Below are some of the facts. The hope is that a clear statement of provable facts will help get everyone on the same page and we can face the problems that confront our Club in a unified manner.


None of what follows is opinion – just factual. As far as has been possible all entries are capable of independent third party verification and the sources of that verification can be disclosed. Please contact the Sky Blue Trust with details of any errors or amendments. The Sky Blue Trust will not be held liable for any action by a user of this information.



OEG/CCFC – Otium Entertainment Group Ltd trading as “Coventry City Football Club”

SISU – SISU Capital Limited

ARVO – ARVO Master Fund

SBS&L – Sky Blue Sports & Leisure

CCC – Coventry City Council

AEHC – Alan Edward Higgs Charity

Wasps – Wasps Holdings Limited


Structure & Ownership….


“CCFC is the same as or is SISU” – INCORRECT



“CCFC is separate from OEG Ltd” – INCORRECT



Court Action


“CCFC is not involved in the court action” – INCORRECT





“the only income CCFC receives is match day income” - INCORRECT



“SISU have invested £70m even £100m since they have been here” – INCORRECT



SISU take the player sales income” – INCORRECT



“SISU have never taken any money out of CCFC” – INCORRECT



“SISU do not put any money in to the club” – INCORRECT






“SISU are paid large amounts of interest on the loans” – INCORRECT


“SISU are paid the administrative expenses shown in the accounts” – INCORRECT



“Tim Fisher is not paid by CCFC” – UNKNOWN



“CCFC is self sufficient”- INCORRECT



“the auditors sign the accounts off” – CORRECT BUT





“SISU will put us in to administration again” - UNKNOWN





“the Sky Blue Trust want to force the club to go into administration so they can take over” – INCORRECT



“The Trust just want a seat on the board as an ego trip”


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