Mark Robins

The Sky Blue Trust welcomes the appointment of Mark Robins and wish him the very best of luck in his second term at the club.

Sadly luck is a commodity we think he'll need.

The sacking of yet another experienced manager in Russell Slade after less than three months in charge demonstrates just what a poisoned chalice the manager's rôle has become under SISU's ownership.

To now be on our fourth manager of the season is frankly embarrassing and is a further indictment of how poorly the club is being run.

Whilst we agree that Slade's record was dismal and that the decision to remove him was probably the right one, we believe that the massive problems at Coventry City run far deeper than the team manager position.

We therefore once again urge SISU to put the club up for sale so as to give Mark Robins at least a fighting chance of success and moreover to allow our football club the possibility of a future.

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