The Sky Blue Trust is pleased to publish a supporter survey aimed primarily at establishing Coventry City fans views on the potential of supporter ownership. We will be circulating the survey as widely as possible in the hope that a large number of Coventry City supporters, be they Trust members or not, get the opportunity to let us know their thoughts.

On January 23rd the Sky Blue Trust staged an Open meeting at the Albany Club in Coventry with invited guests James Mathie, Club Development manager with Supporters Direct and Ashley Brown who led the Portsmouth FC supporters takeover. 

At the meeting we explored the principles of supporters involvement and in particular the specific model adopted at Pompey.

The overriding message from both speakers was that to pursue this goal at Coventry City would be far from easy but that it was definitely achievable and certainly worth taking further. While no change of ownership at Coventry City can happen until Sisu are willing to sell up and go, supporters should still make preparation for any opportunity that may arise in the future. 

At the meeting there was unanimous agreement that the Trust should continue its interest in supporters involvement in club ownership and that the first step should be for the Trust to conduct a large scale questionnaire of supporters to gauge what they would like to see happen to the club, what their expectations are and how that might be achieved.

To allow those participating in the survey sufficient time for its completion it will remain open until midnight on Friday March 10th 2017.

This is the latest step in identifying the appetite of supporters in pursuing the ownership option. We therefore urge everyone who considers themselves to be a Sky Blues fan, regardless of their views on the subject, to take time to complete the survey.

You can take part in the survey by clicking here, or by choosing "Fan Survey" from the main menu. After completing the form, you will be sent an invitation to participate


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