Many of our members have asked us about contacting their local MP so as to try and get them to make representation with the Football League about our football clubs current plight.

To assist with this we have included a model template below for you to use. It would however be more effective if anyone planning to write to their MP customizes their letter so we would urge you to not simply copy and paste but to personalise by highlighting the issues that concern you most and how they impact on you and your families life.

If you don't know who your MP is or how to contact them simply visit : and tap in your post code to find out.

Dear (Please Insert)

You may be aware of a further development in the Coventry City FC saga, in that Sisu Capital have launched a further Judicial Review ("JR2") against Coventry City Council. This latest court case concerns the sale of the shares in Arena Coventry Limited ("ACL"), enabling control of the Ricoh Arena, to Wasps Rugby Club in 2014.

Ms Seppala, boss of Sisu, has a conflict of interest in this matter. On the one hand, she is perfectly entitled to bring legal action in the best interests of her investors, if she believes that she has a valid case; only time will tell in that regard. On the other hand, as custodian of Coventry City Football Club, she has an obligation to supporters to safeguard a much-loved community asset.

The evidence to date is clear, pursuing this action will seriously endanger the future of the Sky Blues. Last year, Wasps broke off discussions regarding an extension of current playing arrangements at the Ricoh, citing the distraction of the potential legal action. So far as the public are aware, there has been no resumption of any discussions in this respect. Now that JR2 has actually been launched, there is no reason to hope that this situation will improve.

Current arrangements at the Ricoh expire at the end of the 2017/18 season, just 15 months away. The original Judicial Review, regarding loan arrangements from Coventry City Council to ACL, took around 3 years to proceed through the various tiers of the judicial system, finally reaching a conclusion in December 2016, although a trip to the European Courts may still be an option. Therefore, a resolution of JR2 may not be achieved until long after the right for CCFC to play at the Ricoh has expired.

Our club therefore faces the very real prospect, once again, of being homeless by the summer of 2018. With zero progress on building our own ground, Coventry City FC could once again be playing far from the City of Coventry. That is a frightening prospect, one which most likely would be the death knell for the Sky Blues, at least as we have known the club.

Many supporters are already saying that they won't be buying a season ticket after this season. The attendances at Sixfields in the 12 months between August 2013 and August 2014 were generally below 2,000. If a further period of exile occurs, one can imagine that crowds will average below 1,000.

As stated earlier, Sisu have the right to pursue their case. That does not entitle them to render Coventry City FC as collateral damage in their fight with Coventry City Council and Wasps. If Joy Seppala wishes to follow this course of action, she should do the right thing by the supporters: Sell Up and Go. The court case may then proceed without negative impact on the Football Club.

Meanwhile, the EFL (English Football League) and FA continue to be impotent as our club is slowly destroyed. It is time that they took urgent action, before it is too late to save the City.

I would be very grateful if you would please raise this matter with the EFL, requesting that they intervene to ensure that action is taken to safeguard Coventry City's tenure at the Ricoh, if necessary by removing the "Golden Share" from Otium Entertainment Limited and reallocating to new ownership for Coventry City FC. (The golden share is the licence for the club to play in the Football League, Otium are the subsidiary of Sisu which operates the Football Club.)

Please would you also forward this correspondence to the attention of Damian Collins MP, Chair of the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee, asking for his support in this matter.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Kind regards

(Please insert your name)

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