City Fans Protest in February

The team is languishing 8 points from safety at the bottom of the third division, the vital academy is a few short months from being homeless, the teams agreement for its home ground runs out in just over a year, fans are disillusioned, desperate and disgruntled. So how does our owner respond? Well despite claims made on national radio our transfer window activity can best be described as underwhelming and today it is announced that another court battle is being started.

This action is further proof that SISU have no interest in the club, in the supporters nor in the community. It is time for them to leave.

More worryingly the fruitless JR1 was a battle between SISU and Coventry Council with Tim Fisher running around telling anyone who would listen that this had nothing to do with the football club as they were separate entities. This action is being brought by ARVO Master Fund, Sky Blue Sports and Leisure and Otium, therefore his claims no longer have any validity. This means that the football club is taking the council and our current land lords, as an interested party, to court.

Whilst SISU have every right to take to court who they like and it is up to the courts to decide upon the validity of their claims, it is the collateral damage that is being caused that is of gravest concern. For the club to prosper or even survive it needs fans, it needs a place to play, it needs the local community and local business on its side. Yet this type of action simply drives an even greater wedge between all the parties that should be working together for the good of the club.

Ms Seppala has no interest in the football club – she has indicated that no more money will be invested in the club and now is embarking on new, potentially terminally damaging litigation. The Sky Blue Trust has on several occasions offered to meet with her to discuss an exit strategy, an exit strategy that the Trusts legal and financial experts would even allow her to pursue her litigation but leave the football club in the hands of those who actually care – the supporters.

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