John Fletcher, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, Moz Baker, Rachael Brown,


CJ Joiner, Steve Brown, Andy Turbitt,


The minutes of the meeting on 19 October 2015 were approved as a correct record.


The Board agreed a way forward for completion and publication of the accounts. A full report will be considered at the next Board meeting

Renewal of Trust Membership

Bruce circulated a paper.  The renewal process will be deferred until the audit has been completed and until we have the capability to run it successfully, for which the new IT system will need to be installed and running . John agreed to obtain a quote for installation of the necessary software.

Trust Stance 

Agreed that no change is needed at present.


It was agreed that John will produce a statement ahead of the Gillingham game

Action Plan

It was agreed that Frank and Bruce would do some work on the various transport problems and that Bruce would also draft a statement for use ahead of the Court Case, both to be considered at an early Board meeting.

Safety Advisory Group

John agreed to contact a City Councillor to try to make progress.

Chris Anderson

It was agreed to invite him to meet Board members and also to ask him to attend an open meeting and arrange for Tony Mowbray also to do so.


It was agreed that Steve would attend the next meeting


It was agreed to donate a Tombola prize worth c£20.

Next meeting

Monday 14 December 2015, at 5.30pm to be followed by a meal.

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