The club have announced that all the tickets for the Jimmy Hill Memorial Service on February 12th have now gone.

Were you one of the unlucky ones who wanted a ticket, but couldn’t get one? Well, don’t despair! You can, of course, go to Cathedral Square on the day and listen to the service on the loudspeakers. You won’t need a ticket for that.

But it won’t be the same as being in the Cathedral itself. 

If you missed out, you still have a chance to go. WE HAVE 25 TICKETS FOR THE SERVICE TO GIVE AWAY!

All you need to do to get one is EMAIL US - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AFTER SIX O’CLOCK TONIGHT. 

The first 25 people to email us AFTER 6:00pm will get one of our tickets.

(NB To give everyone a fair chance - including those who are at work! - we are waiting until this evening to begin opening emails. NO EMAILS RECEIVED BEFORE 6:00pm WILL BE CONSIDERED.)

This is strictly one ticket per person, so don’t ask us for more than one, and don’t send more than one email. If you want more than one ticket, each person going must apply from a different email address.

We expect there to be quite a demand, so GOOD LUCK, but BE QUICK!

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