The news that Sky Blues supporters are upset with arrangements for collecting season tickets shows just how inept the club’s attempts at customer relations have become under the current owners.

City have not had the best reputation for treating their supporters well since the days of Jimmy Hill’s Sky Blue Express (now there was someone who really could look after the fans), but the Sisu regime seem to have brought them to an all-time low. 

According to Coventry City Mad, the club say they cannot use the new Arena Park shop, and the Citibase building isn’t open at weekends. Quite why the shop is inappropriate, they don’t care to say, nor why they are only making collection at Lockhurst Lane available for four hours in the middle of the day. Not unnaturally, supporters are unhappy.

When you compare the time, effort and money Sisu have poured into court cases to screw as much as possible out of the City council with their treatment of their (supposedly) most valuable customers, it becomes clear that the needs of supporters are way down on their list of priorities.

It’s ironic that news of the fiasco surfaced on the same day as the club published their 2015-16 Customer Charter, which begins with the statement that the club is “committed to providing excellence in our service”!

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