Following the Supporters Consultation Group meeting on 5th March, when Tim Fisher told the group that the club had had discussions with Rugby District Council about possible sites for a new stadium, the Trust contacted the Council to clarify their response to our Freedom of Information request, which had indicated that no discussions with CCFC had taken place since 2013.

This is Rugby Council’s reply:



I refer to your email of the 9 March 2015, requesting clarification of the information supplied in the response to the Freedom of Information request dated February.  This has been dealt with as an internal review.  I can confirm that there was one meeting, which was held on the 27 September 2013.

You have also asked:

Since that meeting, have there been any further meetings, discussions or correspondence, either formally or informally, on or off the record, between officers of your Council and representatives of the Club, in particular Mr Fisher or people from CBRE? I cannot know for sure which officers Mr Fisher refers to but would assume they were planning and development staff. If there have in fact been any such meetings, discussions or correspondence, please could you tell me the dates of those, the names and designations of the people involved, the subject matter and the outcome?

I can confirm that on 11 March 2015, the Executive Director, Head of Planning and Recreation and Leader of the Council met with representatives of Coventry City Football Club. The club wanted to understand how we would deal with any planning application for potential stadium sites in the borough of Rugby.”

We hope that clears up any confusion.

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