We note, with regret, that the Chair of the Supporters Consultative Group, Mr Peter Ward, has associated himself with, and been quoted in, an attack on the Trust in a recent article in the Coventry Observer.  We would have preferred to have the discussion with him at meetings of the Group but as he has chosen to resort to press comment, we feel we have to respond.

Mr Ward claimed, at the recent SCG meeting, that the Trust’s membership, who overwhelmingly voted to ask the Club’s current owners to put their interest up for sale, does not reflect the views of Coventry City fans generally. We have never claimed that it does but we do believe the results of our survey accurately reflects the views of our almost 3000 members - the only group or people that the Trust claims to represent. The survey that we carried out attracted 625 votes, which is 624 more than the total that Mr Ward represents.

The Supporters Consultative Group Terms of Reference state clearly that:

"The Group will comprise up to 15 supporters, who will represent various supporter organisations and/or demographic groups whose input is considered of value in representing the generality of Coventry City supporters.”

We have repeatedly asked Mr Ward to clarify which supporter organisation and/or demographic group he represents. He has failed to clarify that.  On the CCFC website, in the section describing the members of the SCG, Mr Ward’s entry is as follows:

CCFC is a family affair and way of life. As chief executive of a major international company, he offers a valuable insight from the local and global business community, whilst fulfilling an ambassadorial role in his worldwide professional role.”

We are not clear from this whether he claims only to represent his family or the entire “local and global business community.” Perhaps he could clarify that.

We wish to make it clear that the widespread antipathy towards SISU has no bearing on City fans’ passionate desire to see the team succeed on the pitch.  On the contrary, the anti-SISU feeling arises because of the team’s poor position - its lowest in over half a century - to which SISU have led us in their seven and a half years as owners. It is time for a change and if Mr Ward believes that a majority of supporters disagree with that view, perhaps he would care to provide tangible evidence in support of his assertions or have the grace to withdraw his comments.

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