Sky Blue Trust members have today decisively decided that Coventry City Football Club owners SISU should sell up and move on.

Members were balloted on what the Trust's stance should be with regard to SISU's ownership of the club.

Members were given an option of  whether the Trust should call for the dismissal of the current board of directors to be replaced with people commited to an ambitious future or whether to reflect huge disenchantment with the club owners  by asking SISU to seek new owners for the club who would purchase SISU's interest.

In an overwhelming response over 80% of those voting said that SISU should be asked to seek new owners.

The full breakdown of figures is: Call for the dismissal of the board - 64; Call for Sisu to sell - 505; Neither - 34. There were 22 responses that either did not express a preference, or proposed one of a number of different ways forward.

The Trust board will now consider its next steps. That process will start at tonight's open meeting at the Squirrel Pub. All members are welcome to attend and contribute their views.


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