Welcome to the first of what we hope will be a regular round-up of things you might have missed over the past week, to do with Coventry City and football in general.

We assume you’ve either been to the games, followed them on radio/telly/etc. and read the reports. So we’ll concentrate on some of the other news, views and other stuff that swirls around our mutual weekly fix and the football world

As this is the first, we’ve gone back a bit further than the last week, but there’s some stuff we still think you’ll like.

Stephen Pressley says the Ricoh pitch is “the worst in the league”

And ACL say they’ll put it right

The fallout from the CCFC-ACL dispute rumbles on, with the news that the Liquidator has charged £444,000 so far

Sisu tell us all what they offered for half of ACL

And the Higgs Charity say why they turned them down

The German FA threatens to lead UEFA national teams out of the World Cup in the wake of the FIFA corruption report

And the whistleblowers whose anonymity was blown by FIFA’s summary of the report have submitted complaints about their treatment at the hands of investigators to … FIFA (so fat chance of anything being done there, then)

An opinion poll says that football fans want major reform of the game

And the government is to get the benefit of advice on fan—ownership from Swansea City’s Trust

Alan Poole bemoans the loss of sportsmanship in modern football after the Notts County game

Looking for Christmas presents? Neill Allinson has a suggestion

And Dion Dublin has another

And Finally ... 

If you’re yearning for some decent football, why not re-live the Brazil World Cup?

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