Were you one of that hardy band who protested on Jimmy’s Hill last year? Fancy having your voice recorded for posterity?

Duncan Whitely, from Shotgun Sounds, is making a film about the fight to get the team back to the Ricoh from its exile at Sixfields. 

He’s looking for people (whether they were Hillers or not) to recreate the atmosphere on the Hill during the Cup game against Cardiff last August.

As part of making the film, called “Not A Penny More: The Benefactress’ Tale”, he wants to record about 25 Sky Blues fans, to sing some of the chants that were sung that night.

You can see some of the stills from the filming Duncan did that night on Flickr.

It’s a great way to pay tribute to all those City fans that played their part in getting the team back home.

So if you want to sing a few songs, have a hour or so’s fun, and help Duncan out, get down to the Herbert Art Gallery for 12:30 this coming Sunday (23rd November), and we can “All Sing Together”.

See you there!


A good time was had by all:

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