The recent story in the Coventry Telegraph about Wasps rugby club taking a majority stake in ACL, the Ricoh Arena operating company, raises some major concerns among Coventry City supporters. The Sky Blue Trust has stated that it believes that for the good of the football club its long term future lies at the Ricoh Arena, either as tenants or owners, with access to all relevant income streams and, on the face of it, this news makes that future uncertain. We are in contact with all the relevant parties, Coventry City Council, ACL, Higgs Charity and CCFC to establish the facts and the potential implications on the future of Coventry City. Once we have obtained these, we will be in a position to advise our members and make a decision on what stance and, if necessary, what actions the Sky Blue Trust should take. Until we have a clearer picture of exactly what the situationis, it would be unwise to base any policy or actions on a solitary newspaper report.


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