Today’s statement, that a deal has finally been done for Coventry City to return to their true home at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, is welcome news for all Sky Blues supporters. The situation of playing “home" matches 35 miles from Coventry, in front of minute crowds, was untenable, heart breaking and divisive.

We congratulate both sides on their hard work in getting a deal done but most of all we thank all those who have supported the Sky Blue Trust’s efforts in helping to get the situation resolved. The thousands who joined the march in July, all those who joined in the various actions throughout the year, culminating in last weeks successful protest at the Cardiff match: each and every one deserves congratulations. Not to mention the hard effort and long hours put in by those who worked, in a less public way, to keep communication channels open between the parties involved, challenged the entrenched views that were held and kept our club’s and our supporter’s plight in focus.

Broadgate.jpgThis decision is a clear victory for common sense and fan power – the fans, when united, can be a major force in influencing events and decisions, we should never underestimate that power.

Now it is time for all fans to unite once more but this time united behind Steven Pressley and the team at The Ricoh. The two main protagonists in this dark period in Coventry’s illustrious history have managed to put the past behind them and do a deal to work together in the future, we as supporters should follow suit. We must now throw our efforts into cheering on the team and getting us out of this division and most importantly cheering the team on in Coventry.

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