The Sky Blue Trust welcomes the news that after more than a year the Football League has finally made a decision on the payment by Otium to ACL as part of the Golden Share agreement. The disputed amount is defined under its own Football Creditors Rule but it appears that it has decided to interpret this already controversial rule in a manner that could well lead to further problems for the League with HMRC and Parliament. However now that this particular impediment has been cleared up we would urge ACL to agree that it is no longer a barrier to talks with the club. The fact that they may not agree with the Football League’s calculations is a matter to be resolved between them and the Football League and should not hinder the start of negotiations to bring the club back to Coventry as quickly as possible.

Sky Blue Sports and Leisure and ARVO via their parent company SISU have yet to indicate what they intend to do with respect to Mr Justice Hickinbottom’s unambiguous rejection of their Leave to Appeal to the Appeals Court. We call on Ms Seppala to make it clear that they will not be throwing more good money after bad by continuing this fruitless and futile process by appealing direct to the Court of Appeal. Not only will further appeals costs thousands more but they will also preclude talks with ACL. ACL have justifiably stated that they will not negotiate with someone who is continuing to take legal action against them, so stop the legal proceedings and get talks started for the good of all Sky Blue supporters, Coventry City and the City of Coventry itself.

We need the Sky Blues back at the Ricoh before it’s too late – we need ACL to accept that the Football League decision is not a reason not to start talks and we need SISU to cease their pointless legal actions so as to allow negotiations to begin. Coventry City supporters have been continually let down during this long running dispute – this is an opportunity to act positively – don’t let us down again.

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