survey.jpgThe results of the first of our annual Supporters' Survey are being comprehensively analysed, and a full report will be published in a week or two, but we've had a number of questions from people about the results, so here's a short summary of our initial analysis. many thanks to those who completed the questionnaire.

  • There were 372 responses, of which 15 were incomplete. Three quarters of those responding were Trust members.
  • More respondents just looked for the results of games than went to Sixfields. (22% as opposed to 12% who either had a season ticket or went to at least one "home" game)
  • 93% will not buy a season ticket if games are played in Northampton, and 88% won't attend any games at Sixfields
  • However, if games were played at the Ricoh, 54% would buy a season ticket.
  • 82% intend to attend at least one away game next season
  • 93% disagree with the statement "The club were right to stop playing at the Ricoh Arena" with 79% strongly disagreeing
  • Although almost 85% felt the rent at the Ricoh was too high, over 90% say that the club should have stayed.
  • 72% would support the Council in not selling the Ricoh cheaply. However, 84% think it would be a good idea for the Council to lease it to the club.
  • Fans are divided over whether the Council want to force Sisu to sell the club, with a narrow majority believing they don't (52% to 48%)
  • Just under 10% think the Football League were right in allowing CCFC to play at Northampton
  • 96% think the League haven't done enough to get the club back playing in Coventry, and believe they don't take supporters' feelings into account when they make decisions
  • When asked to say how much the club was to blame for the dispute, on a scale of 1-5 (where 1 = Not at all and 5 = completely), the average score was 4.58, as opposed to 2.97 for ACL, 2.96 for the Council, and 3.82 for the Football League
  • Asked to describe how they felt about the club building a new stadium, the vast majority (73%) believe it will never be built, and 17% completely oppose the idea. Less than 2% are "excited" by the prospect. 
  • 65% are not happy with the stadium being built, while 40% would be content if it were to be built in Coventry.
  • If a new stadium was built, 38% would not go, with 19% not attending any home games at all.
  • Only 5% had the involvement of the current owners (with or without an element of fan ownership) as their most favoured ownership model.
  • 71% wanted to see full or part fan-ownership (excluding a partnership with Sisu)
  • Conversely, 63% had continued ownership by Sisu as their least favoured option.
  • 85% would be prepared to pledge money to buy the club, with £100 being the most popular amount.

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