The Sky Blue Trust once again asks the question of SISU, Coventry City and ACL – Just talk and agree a deal that brings the club back to the Ricoh. Even if it’s only on a short term deal but with a low rent that gives the club access to match day revenues. Use this time to rebuild trust and work together to secure mutual success for the city of Coventry, the Ricoh Arena and Coventry City. “Just Talk - Why Not?”

Ann Lucas, leader of Coventry City Council, has stated she is willing to talk, now it's time for others to do likewise.

  • Put the past behind you and move forward – Why Not?
  • Agree a fair rent – Why Not?
  • Agree match day costs  – Why Not?
  • Allow CCFC access to match day revenues – Why Not?
  • Otium pay the £590,000 the Football League stipulated before sanctions are imposed – Why Not?
  • SISU drop further costly and fruitless JR appeals – Why Not?
  • Above all each side be prepared to compromise – for the sake of mutual long term success and for the sake of all Sky Blue Supporters – Why Not?

A deal needs to be done before it's too late - on Saturday thousands of fellow Sky Blue fans will meet up on Gosford Green in Coventry (the site of Coventry City’s first ground) from 11.00. At 12.00, led by Lady Godiva, they will march together and sing loud, sing proud and demand

"Just Talk - Why Not?"

"We want to go home
We want to go home
Back to the Ricoh
The Ricoh's our home"


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