The day after the Judicial Review verdict the dust is starting to settle. All Sky Blue supporters nervously wait to see what comes next. Ann Lucas, on behalf of the Council and ACL, has offered the club a possible way back to the Ricoh. The door is open, seize the opportunity. She has put the past behind her and held out an olive branch to SISU and the club. On behalf of Sky Blue fans we urge Joy Seppala and Tim Fisher to take up this offer to talk.

Here is an opportunity to start afresh and to find a solution. Ann Lucas has shown herself to be big enough to put her reservations to one side and actually offer to talk. The Sky Blue Trust urges Joy Seppala to show she too is big enough and do likewise. For the sake of the thousands of Coventry City supporters talk, do a deal and bring our team home before it’s too late. Accept The Olive Branch – Why Not?

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