There appears to be a massive amount of uncertainty, smoke, mirrors and downright confusion surrounding the latest initiative to bring Coventry City home. Once again fans are left even more frustrated and in despair of ever seeing their team back in Coventry. We hear that an offer to pay the Ricoh rent has been made to SISU by a group fronted by KCIC, yet progress appears to have stalled because one side insists on e-mail communication whilst the other wants a phone call!

Surely if this proposal is being treated as serious by both sides, then for it to stall over such trivialities before any negotiations have even begun does not bode well for any deal being concluded. If SISU are serious about a rent deal at the Ricoh rather than one at Sixfields, but for whatever reasons appear wary of doing business with KCIC and their anonymous backers, then why not simply talk directly to ACL? - Why Not?

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