Just to keep folks updated - Taking place on Saturday 12th July the Sky Blue Trust march will be starting from Gosford Green at 12 noon and ending in Broadgate. We have a Lady Godiva arranged to lead the march and have now received confirmation that we will have the '87 Cup Final bus to use as a stage in Broadgate. From here we will have some music and some brief speeches (no politicians!). Thanks to all folks at Coventry Transport Museum for making this possible.The iconic bus was used to transport the cup final winning team through the streets of Coventry and will be a reminder of happier days, what this club was and has the potential to be again. Music is also sorted. More details will be released over the coming days.

Remember: Saturday 12th July. Put the date in your diary and lets show the world Cov fans are still loud and proud and want their team back in Coventry. Last year was a great event and lets make this years even better.

Join The March - Why Not?

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