Following a season where the Sky Blues team led by Steven Pressley have put in a great effort to retain their League 1 status set against a backdrop of record low crowds at Sixfields and continued frustration for Coventry City supporters The Sky Blue Trust today launches the first of its annual end of season surveys.

The survey aimed at both Trust members and non members looks to identify last seasons supporting habits as well as what fans are planning to do next season.
We also want to know what those completing the survey think about the actions taken by the key players in the ongoing dispute that has resulted in the hugely unpopular decision for the team to play matches outside of the city in Northampton.

There are also questions with regard to the proposed new stadium as well as the actual ownership of the club.

The Sky Blue Trust hopes as many people as possible will take time to complete the survey. Members will automatically be invited to participate but non members can take part by choosing "Fans' Survey" from the main menu, and registering.
The survey is open until 23/6/14. Results will be published shortly after the closing date.

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