The Sky Blue Trust, in common with most Coventry City supporters finds itself frustrated, angry and bitterly disappointed that we enter another close season with no real prospect of returning to our rightful home The Ricoh Arena.

The Sky Blue Trust today launches a campaign, to coincide with the July march, that will continue throughout the summer and until good sense prevails.

The message is clear, unequivocal and is made up of 2 simple words. It is aimed at all of the protagonists in a saga that has already gone on for far too long.

All of these parties have said at some stage that a return to the Ricoh is the sensible way forward for the club and they want to make it happen. The time has come to prove it!

We've had enough of excuses, posturing, bickering and empty rhetoric. What is needed is honesty, clarity, conviction and leadership from all those with any influence. We want our football club home!
We cannot put it any simpler. The question we're asking and will continue to ask of all involved is:


To all of the parties involved ……

WHY NOT pick up the phone and talk? Any of the sides involved could if they really wanted to. It seems egos, pride and the past get in the way. That is just not acceptable. It has to be meaningful and constructive, not lip service or posturing, but take that step – talk.

WHY NOT meet each other and negotiate constructively? All sides claim to be willing to meet - it never happens. It is always someone else’s fault, always an excuse. Fans forums or silence won’t resolve this. Be open, be clear, bury the egos and past - meet to resolve this one way or another.

WHY NOT stop the name calling, the blame game? Blame and name calling will not solve this. The fans do not want to hear it, what we need is a clear resolution and now. No more posturing, no more shirking responsibility, no more derogatory comments or blaming others. We need to move forward.

WHY NOT stop all the legal actions? Only people to benefit are the lawyers. CCFC does not. The City of Coventry does not. The fans certainly do not. It is a huge waste of money.

WHY NOT answer straight questions with straight answers? The fans have demanded answers from all sides. What they have got in return is a mixture of smoke & mirrors, accusations, blame, avoidance or simple silence. Any answers received often contradict others given from within the same organisation. CCFC fans matter. They are not a tick box exercise nor an inconvenience nor stupid.

WHY NOT bring OUR CLUB back to its home IN COVENTRY? A simple question deserving of more than “They won’t talk” or “We can’t trust or work with them” The fans deserve better than that ....

So we demand for the sake of CCFC…


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