Last week the club published their accounts and they make interesting reading and have raised many questions among Trust members. Independent club Director Mr Mark Labovitch appeared on Coventry and Warwickshire radio on Friday evening to answer some points about them and during this programme made the offer to explain them in a Fans Forum. The Trust decided this was a great idea and this morning we sent the following e-mail to Mr Labovitch
Dear Mr Labovitch
Last week the 2013 accounts of Sky Blue Sports and Leisure were published and, as I am sure you are aware, caused interest and alarm in equal quantities amongst Coventry City supporters. The bare headlines make for shocking reading and many fans would like a fuller explanation to put their minds at rest over the future of their club. You did an interview with Clive Eakin on Coventry and Warwickshire radio on Friday evening and tried to cover some of the fans concerns, unfortunately the format of the show did not allow supporters to put over their worries nor for you to answer them. However during the show you proposed a fans forum involving yourself and Steve Brookfield answering these concerns in person. The Sky Blue Trust would very much like to assist you in getting the information to supporters and we are making this open offer to organise the event at the earliest mutually convenient date.
Please come back to me as soon as possible so we can discuss format, dates etc. and get this important and informative event agreed and booked
Jan Mokrzycki
On Behalf of Sky Blue Trust

Sadly Mr Labovitch has declined our genuine offer and is suggesting an alternative idea

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