Open Meeting

Unfortunately the open meeting scheduled for 3rd February had to be postponed as guest speaker, Cov legend Deitmar Bruck, was unexpectedly called away on business. We are trying to get a new date as I am sure it would have been a great evening talking about football for a change!


Football Governance

Following a meeting with David Johnston from the Keep Cov In Cov group we agreed that the Trust would approach Supporters Direct for them to put pressure directly on the Government and the relevant football authorities concerning the matter of football governance and to revisit their decision and reopen the discussion. Over a year ago the Department for Culture, Media and Sport committee on football governance issued a decree to the football authorities to get their house in order. 12 months on and nothing as changed, in fact for many clubs things have got worse – Hull, Cardiff, Blackburn, Leeds and of course Cov.

KCIC have started an e-petition on the subject with the aim of raising 100,000 signatures and forcing the authorities to at least consider looking at the matter and treating Coventry City as a perfect test case of football mismanagement.

If you wish to look at the petition and sign it it can be found at the following link:

To date 11,000 people have signed – a good start but the momentum must be maintained. To aid this the Trust has asked SD to contact all member Trusts and ask them to ask their members to look at the petition and sign it.

We are also contacting each Trust directly and asking them to support this initiative. To date we have contacted 52 Trusts.

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