Information Concerning Talks Between Local Councils and CCFC
On 30th October 2013 Tim Fisher reported to a Supporters Consultative Group meeting that the Club were currently in discussions with 2 other councils and presenting the benefits and economic impact of a multi-purpose stadium. Both those councils instantly see the benefits.”
In his Sky TV interview on 20 December, Mark Labovitch said: “There are two local authorities involved. They each want an economic impact assessment to show the benefits that the stadium will bring to the area.”
As the Club have consistently declined to clarify where the proposed stadiums sites are, or even to confirm which two local authorities they have been discussing the matter with, the Trust have sent Freedom of Information Act requests to seven local authorities surrounding Coventry, to try to discover exactly what is going on. Those requests asked the Councils whether they had, since 1 January 2012, taken part in any discussions, meetings or correspondence with CCFC, Otium, SISU Capital or anyone acting on their behalf, regarding development proposals within the Council’s area relating to the building of a football stadium and/or any other facilities related to the business of the football club. We asked for details of any such discussions and the sites and proposals involved.
The requests were sent on 25 November 2013 and should, by law, have been answered by 23 December 2013.
Six Councils have responded:
Coventry City -  no such discussions
Solihull – no such discussions
Hinckley and Bosworth – no such discussions
North Warwickshire – no such discussions
Warwick  -  no such discussions
Warwickshire – no such discussions
Response still awaited from Nuneaton and Bedworth but this is expected shortly
Rugby Council replied as follows:
"Rugby Borough Council can confirm that approximately three months ago the Leader of the Council and Executive Director met with representatives from Coventry City Football Club to discuss the club’s proposals to develop a Category 2 Academy training facility within the borough.  The representatives of Coventry City Football Club were informed that the proposals were unacceptable to the council and there has been no communication with the club since that meeting.”

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