In accordance with Rule 63 of the Trust’s Constitution, three current Board members must resign each year. This year, they are Moz Baker, Steve Brown and CJ Joiner. They are all entitled to put themselves forward for re-election. There is also a further unfilled vacancy caused by the resignation of a Board member last year.

The election of Board members must follow the procedure set out in our Election Policy, agreed by last year’s AGM.

Nomination forms are now available, by downloading the attached document, for Trust members wishing to seek election to the Board.

The election will be carried out to the following timetable:

  • Closing date for nominations - 26 June 2017
  • Confirm number of eligible nominations - 28 June 2017
  • If number is four or less, those nominated are elected at AGM
  • If number is five or more, ballot papers issued - 30 June 2017
  • Election results announced at AGM - 17 July 2017

Roger Ellis
Secretary, the Sky Blue Trust
22 May 2017

Download this file (Nomination Form 2017.pdf)Nomination Form, 2017
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23 January 2017, 7:30pm at The Albany Club, Earlsdon Street


Over 20,000 people have signed the Coventry Telegraph petition calling on SISU to put Coventry City up for sale. Campaigning, involving large numbers of City fans, is producing a clamour for that to happen, which grows in strength by the day and which has received clear backing from many respected people in football. What can supporters do to try to bring that about? Could fans be involved in buying the Club from SISU and seeking to reverse the appalling decline of the last 9 years.


The national organisation, Supporters Direct, has been working since 2000 to help supporters gain influence in the running and ownership of their club. The meeting will hear from representatives of Supporters Direct about the numerous examples of successful supporter ownership of Clubs, both in their entirety and in partnership with wealthy investors.  The meeting will explore how possible supporter ownership should be tackled. Supporters Direct and Trust representatives will then describe possible ways forward in Coventry involving, as necessary early steps, a process of consulting and informing Coventry supporters on the opportunities and issues involved.


All City supporters are welcome to attend the meeting at the Albany Club, 10 Earlsdon St., Earlsdon, at 7:30pm on Monday 23rd January 2017


Click the button below to register



Eventbrite - How Football Fans Can Own Their Club

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This article is a cross-post from the website of the Jimmy Hill Alliance, of which the Trust is part. It's a long read, but we felt it's such a good exposition of where Coventry City FC is at, and the possiblitiues for the future, that it should be read by as many peopl;e as possible. So we're doing our bit to make that happen.



This tweet appeared on @TheJimmyHillWay timeline recently from Jez @jezsilv:


“The pertinent question that keeps going unanswered. Wanting them out at any cost, could leave us without a club.”


An entirely reasonable statement (although it’s not actually a question, Jez) which I will try to address by looking at a variety of potential outcomes for Coventry City, from where the club is currently positioned, together with the possible consequences of each outcome. I hope that this article deals adequately with a number of other relevant questions about the future of the Sky Blues. However, as all the whole article runs to over 4,700 words, I’ll start off by listing my Conclusions, then those who are still interested can plough on through the detailed arguments.




  • The demand from The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign, in accordance with others such as the Coventry Telegraph, is for Sisu to Sell Up and Go. That is not forcing them out “at any cost”.
  • The ball is very much in Joy Seppala’s court. If she stubbornly holds onto ownership of Coventry City, there is little that can be done to remove Sisu, even if potential buyers are waiting in the wings.
  • An improvement in on-field performance and results, combined with solutions to the critical issues facing the club may satisfy sufficient supporters to keep the club going in the short-term. It would take a fundamental shift in attitude and management competence for the current owners and directors to achieve these requirements. What confidence can we have that any upturn in fortunes would be more than temporary after 9 years of failure and mediocrity?
  • If the club is relegated at the end of this current season under Sisu ownership and issues such as Academy closure, future at the Ricoh etc. are not resolved, the survival of the club is at considerable risk. The tolerance of a considerable number of supporters will have been exhausted. It is difficult to imagine how there would be a viable business model in such circumstances under Sisu’s ownership.
  • Even if Sisu agree to put the club up for sale, there is no guarantee that a credible buyer will emerge. The challenges facing new owners are daunting and there may not be an acquirer with the brave inclination to take on the task.
  • A credible buyer will have to have the necessary financial capability to buy the club and invest in its development and should be acceptable to supporters in other respects, particularly they will need to demonstrate that the interests of Sky Blues fans are paramount.
  • The longer that Seppala waits before putting the club up for sale, the less likely she will be to achieve a successful exit and the amount that she might realistically expect to be recovered will depreciate rapidly, barring a series of significant improvements in the fortunes of Coventry City, both on and off the field. A continuing failure scenario would of course be even more catastrophic for supporters.
  • Keeping the pressure on Sisu is essential. While we fully support the boys in Sky Blue, the long-term existence of CCFC is even more vital than the team’s survival in League One.
  • Supporter-led ownership in combination with wealthy individuals who are willing to match funds raised by a Community Share Issue may provide a viable solution (perhaps the only viable solution) ….. but only if Sisu put the club up for sale before it is too late.
  • An initial bid from Supporters may flush out suitable investors with sufficient financial resources to buy the club outright. Shrewd purchasers will want supporters as allies and perhaps achieve this by granting fans a non-financial stake in the club.
  • To answer the “Pertinent Question”: Sisu remaining in control of Coventry City could leave us without a club and on the balance of probabilities, that is the likely outcome in my opinion. New credible ownership that puts the interests of supporters foremost in the business plan could save the Sky Blues and stands a far better chance of success than Seppala and Fisher. The challenges are daunting and the more time that passes before Sisu decide to leave, the bigger the challenge will become.


So please Sisu: Sell Up and Go …. NOW.

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