FacelessInvestorsWith the current high level of interest and speculation into the ownership of our football club, highlighted by the consortium lead by Gary Hoffman trying to engage with SISU, many supporters have asked about the Trust’s involvement in this venture and what plans the Trust does have.

To date the Trust has had no input into Mr Hoffman’s offer but, as with any other potential investor, we would be happy to discuss the offer, judge it on its merits and see if it could dovetail with the Trusts own plans.

The Trust has asked for a third time to meet with Ms Seppala to discuss the viability and mechanics of a supporter lead takeover but as yet this request has not been responded to. The Trust’s outline offer framework has been constructed by our professional advisors, in conjunction with in-house experts and Supporters Direct, and would offer a potentially mutually beneficial outcome to all parties. The near decade of failure by SISU which has resulted in relegation to the lowest tier of professional football in England makes Ms Seppala’s refusal to even discuss the proposal all the more frustrating. The recent promotion of supporter owned Portsmouth shows that this type of ownership model can lead to success, something that our current hedge fund ownership clearly does not.

Many supporters have expressed a genuine interest in supporter involvement in ownership but are unclear about what exactly it means, how it would work and how it can be achieved.See below ("Read More") for information about the Trust’s proposed ownership model etc. Even more about supporter ownership and the Trust can be found on our FAQ pages

If supporters have any specific questions please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Sky Blue Trust would like to invite and encourage its members to join us in Blackpool on May 6th where we will join with an estimated gathering of more than 4,000 football supporters who will be uniting for a concerted day of action.

Representatives from all over the UK will be heading to the seaside town to join forces in protesting on behalf of ‘crisis-clubs’one of which is clearly Coventry City against inadequate governance within UK football.

The day of action organised by the Football Supporters Federation and Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST) will coincide with the Blackpool v Leyton Orient fixture taking place that day contested by two clubs with major ownership issues whose supporters indeed marched together  against their respective ‘unsuitable owners’ at Brisbane Road earlier in the season.

IMG 2172

The day will be divided into three parts :

  • STEP 1 : THE MARCH : Supporters are asked to congregate at 3.30pm at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for march (4.00pm) and rally at Bloomfield Road (5.00pm).
  • STEP 2 : THE ALTERNATIVE FOOTBALL MATCH : Depart from Bloomfield Road at 5.30pm (buses supplied) for AFC BLACKPOOL for a Crisis-Clubs Match (6.30pm K.O.) where an Ex-Blackpool XI v ex-Orient / London XI.
  • STEP 3 : THE AFTERSHOW : The Shovels from 8.00pm onwards right across the road from AFC Blackpool. Eat, drink and get merry to a fine blend of Northern Soul and live protest music.

We hope to see plenty of Sky Blues fans there on the day as we make our voices heard about our club's particularly desperate plight.

We would urge you to bring your banners and placards and to join with like-minded fans from other clubs in getting our voices heard.

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SeasonTicketsWe recently published the results of our Coventry City supporters survey. Within this we reported the intentions of those who had completed the survey with regard to purchasing season tickets next season.

These results were clear and unequivocal. A vast number of existing season ticket holders were not intending to renew.

If those running the football club were not already aware of the strength of feeling of many city supporters our survey findings should have provided a stark warning that they needed to do something to change people's minds.

With confirmation of the clubs relegation to the fourth tier of English football now just days away many had already decided that enough was enough.

That wasn't them taking part in any kind of boycott. It was a case of disillusioned, disenfranchised supporters making a judgement call based on the prevailing circumstances.

The decision makers at Coventry City needed to reach out to those that hadn't already made that judgement by offering a package for next season that made a gesture.

A gesture that said "we apologise for the pain you as a loyal supporter have had to endure. We understand how much you've suffered. Please come back next season. Your support means a lot to us. We hope therefore you'll take advantage of our heavily discounted tickets for the coming season playing in the bottom rung."

Instead however they've chosen to ignore all the evidence presented to them either through surveys,polls or anecdotally. At the same time they've killed stone dead any remaining Wembley "feel good" factor.

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