“The news that SISU have once again lost in Court gives the Sky Blue Trust hope that this futile and costly legal saga has ended. The Trust is now asking for three things to happen:

“1. SISU and Otium should confirm immediately that no further legal action regarding the Ricoh Arena will be undertaken. No appeals, no JR3, 4 or 5.
“2. The Club confirm to Wasps that there is no longer any impediment to constructive talks over continued use of the Ricoh by the Sky Blues.
“3. SISU accept that, to give the Club a positive future, new owners are needed, who will take a long-term view, build positive partnerships with all the stakeholders and win the confidence of Sky Blue fans. We urge Tim Fisher not to pretend that he and SISU are in any position to do that themselves. They have created toxic relationships with everyone involved and all confidence in them was lost, forever, some years ago.”
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All of us at the Sky Blue Trust are delighted at todays news that James Maddison has been called up to the England squad for the matches against Spain and Croatia.

Anyone  who has watched his development from a young lad at the Sky Blues Academy through to his first team debut just 4 short years ago will have seen for themselves what a dedicated and talented player he was always going to be.
James Maddison is a very special talent as he has demonstrated, albeit far too briefly, for the Sky Blues, then at Norwich City and currently at Leicester City.
We've no doubt that he will now go on to do the same as an England player and we wish him every success.
We'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone at the Academy who has helped play a part in his development, in particular Gregor Rioch and Rich Stevens.
However far James goes in the game, we believe it will be the very top, he is and always will be a Coventry kid.
He's one of our own and we couldn't be prouder.
Good luck James. 
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In his recent interview on Sky Sports Coventry City FC Chairman Tim Fisher stated  “We are just focused on running a football club on a day-to-day basis. We are not interested in the legal side of things.”
We would like to point out that the ongoing court case is brought by Otium Entertainment Group Ltd who are the Football Club. The only current officer of Otium Entertainment Group being Tim Fisher.
We therefore welcome Mr Fisher's assurance that Coventry City FC is not interested in the court case and therefore asks him, in his capacity as Chairman of Otium (aka CCFC) to have the football club withdrawn from proceedings with immediate effect, thereby clearing up any confusion in that regard."
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