"Dear Joy

It’s been 10 years since you and your wretched company, Sisu Capital, entered our lives.

Any illusion that your attentions would re-invigorate our true love, Coventry City Football Club, has long since turned into a nightmare.

For each one of those years, here are just 10 of the indignities suffered by Coventry City and its supporters in that abysmal Decade of Decline:

  • Administration
  • Battered in Court
  • Evicted and Exiled
  • Failed Managers
  • Fisher the Fool
  • Points Deductions
  • Relegated Twice
  • Star Players Sold
  • Transfer Embargo
  • 12,000 Lost Fans

… and so many more!

There is no future in this relationship and we beg you to accept that fact. Move on and let Coventry City heal the wounds inflicted by your neglect, in the hands of people who genuinely love the club.

You have been offered a more than generous financial settlement, do not let avarice and bitterness delay your departure any longer.

Please Joy …… let us have a divorce!"


From all of us at The Jimmy Hill Way

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Dear Mr Boddy

Following the home game against Crawley Town on 25 November, there are now just 13 home league games scheduled to be played before the end of the season. Despite the growing urgency of the Club's impending homelessness, I note that you have failed to reply to either of my emails to you - the original one, sent on 13 November and the reminder, on 27 November.
Can I ask once again that you let me have a reply and that you bear in mind the Club's Customer Charter, which says "We will respond, initially, to all correspondence within 10 working days upon its receipt."

Can I now also raise two further matters?

Under EFL Regulation 23 the Club is required to designate a member of staff to act as a supporter liaison officer who shall: 1.. have responsibility for the delivery of the Club’s policy with regard to its stakeholders insofar as that policy concerns supporters; 2 act as a point of contact for supporters; and 3 liaise regularly with the Club’s management (including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, on safety and security-related issues).

The Club's website does not say who the SLOs are. The customer charter says the following:

11.2.1 The Supporter Liaison Officers have responsibility for the delivery of the Club’s policy with regard to policy concerning supporters.
11.2.2 The SLO’s act as points of contact for supporters.
11.2.3 The SLO’s can be contacted via e-mail at:
Mark Hornby - Head of Marketing - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tynan Scope - Commercial Manager - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

However, the SLOs are not named.  Who are they please?

Secondly, you will be aware of EFL Regulation 112, which is as follows:

112.1 Clubs shall hold at least two meetings/fans forums per Season to which its supporters (or representatives) are to be invited in order to discuss significant issues relating to the Club. The framework for these meetings shall be documented in the Club’s customer charter, but are subject to the following minimum criteria:
112.1.1 Clubs must be represented by the Club’s majority owner, board director(s) or other senior executive(s);
112.1.2 where meetings are not open to all supporters wishing to attend, the supporter representatives must be elected, selected or invited in line with basic democratic principles; and
112.1.3 individuals cannot be excluded by the Club without good reason (the Club acting reasonably).

Following the abolition by the Club of the Supporters' Consultative Group last year there have been no such meetings held by the Club. Both Tim Fisher and Mark Robins have attended meetings organised by the Sky Blue Trust but neither of those complied with the requirements of the Regulation or the EFL guidance upon it.

The Customer Charter says the following about this: "During the start of the 2016/17 season, the Club held monthly meetings with the Supporters Consultative Group, at which senior executives and/or Directors attended.
This group had been in place for a number of years, however after it’s disbandment in December 2016, and new group for consultation will be established during the 2017/18 season following consultation with the EFL."

What steps are now being taken by the Club to comply with Regulation 112?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Roger Ellis
Secretary, the Sky Blue Trust
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The Sky Blue Trust is delighted to announce that the special guest at our next open meeting will be Coventry City FC Manager Mark Robins who will take questions from an assembled audience.

The meeting will take place on Thursday November 23rd at The Albany Social club, 10 Earlsdon Street,Coventry with a prompt 7.30pm start.

Trust members only are invited to apply for a place in the audience by registering via the following link.



The password for tickets is novemberopen


Please note there will no entry permitted unless you are a registered Sky Blue Trust Member but we are allowing for people to join the Trust on the night for only £1!!

So invite your friends and family to join the Trust and partake in what we are certain will be a popular event.

Places are strictly limited to one ticket per member so we would urge you to book your place early.

We look forward to seeing you for what promises to be a very interesting and informative evening.

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